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Maybe Human Dysautonomia Patients


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I'm beginning to think that the veterinarians will figure this out before the MD's. Has anyone ever checked out the similarities?


It has no human equivalent, wonder what they meant by that?




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Very interesting.

Our nervous system is wired somewhat differently (duh?) because we are bipedal. There is a much more delicate and complicated balance in staying functional as we move through space on two legs vs four, and a lot more cardiovascular compensation has to occur in our range of postures.

Having said that, if they cannot figure out what is happening with these poor animals, what can they know for sure about us more complicated two-legged creatures?

Thanks for the links. (I couldn't open the medline ones, by the way.)


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I had seen some of these links before--I looked them up because my pharmacist told me I was the only human at his shop taking florinef. The rest were dogs...


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