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Anyone Control Heart Rate With Ssris?


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I am having trouble with the beta blockers. Have raynauds so I can't take those anymore since my feet are like ice. So am wondering if anyone had any luck with ssris to control hr. I am scared to try Florinef and want to use that as my last resort if nothing else works. :D

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I am taking a beta blocker and lexapro. I have been taking a beta for a long time but still had problems with my heartrate. Since I have been taking the lexapro I think I have noticed a decrease in flare ups with tachy and if I do get tachy it seems to not go so high. (knock on wood that it stays that way)

Good luck

. :D

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Yes I am. I take celexa. Began with an itty bitty 5mg dose and then now taking 10mg. It did help with my fast heart rate, and with the surges. And as an added bonus it really helps with the anxiety that I was having. I may have to still up my dose a bit yet as I started out at such a small dose and added only a little bit at a time. I hope one works for you. My Dr. said starting out with a small, really small dose and working up to what works for you.


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SSRI's can help some people with there heart rate. Dysautonomia can cause tachycardia because there is a miscommunication between the brain and the heart. This is where SSRI's come in. With me, I need a beta blocker. For some reason at night when it's time for bed instead of my heart slowing down like it is suppose to, it likes to speed up. I take lopressor for this.

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