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Happy Birthday Katherine!!!!!


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Hi Katherine,

i wanted to congratulate you on your birthday and wish you a very happy year to come.

hope you?ll have a great day today with your family. Now here?s my song for you:

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to youououou

happy birthday dear Katherineineine

happy birthday to youououououou!!!!!

Corina :(

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Thanks so much corina and nina!

My birthday present is that we are taking a family vacation starting today--the first vacation my husband has taken for 2.5 years. We're going to the outer banks of North Carolina. Sounds odd to take a vacation at the beach when you also live there--but it is very different there than here, and we will be free of work distractions, and will be with family and friends.

I will be offline for several days...I will be back next week!

take care,


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Thanks, nadine.

Came back from the outer banks early b/c Giuliana has some kind of infection. Her doctor says she has a throat infection and did a culture and started her on antibiotic--Omnicef--which two hours after taking seemed to cause a hives reaction! She has never before had a reaction to meds and it really worried me, of course. Anyway, the doc now says no anitbiotics unless the culture comes back positive. She had a good night -- hopefully it is a viral infection that will pass!

Other than that, we had a good trip. I got to play my violin in an ensemble performance at my parents' small church, which was work, but fun too, and we enjoyed some nice beach time.


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i am sorry that giuliana got sick during your trip to north carolina. hope she is doing better now. we always worry when our kids get sick, don?t we?!

it must have felt great to play violin in the ensemble, think your parents were proud of you!

glad you enjoyed the beach as well, i really love to go to the beach (unfortunately i can't go often). i used to love to find shells etc. the kids loved that too so we always had a great time!

hope giuliana will feel better soon!

corina :blink:

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corina--thanks for your good wishes re: Giuliana. She is doing well today, although still has hives today.:blink:

I always find an element of self-healing/calming in the beach--no matter how bad I feel or how stressed or sad--I manage to usually feel far better after visiting. I guess most people feel that way! I hope you can get to the beach again, corina.

thanks Gayla! :)


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I just saw you pop up on the board and was thinking, wait isn't she on her big vacation???

Oh no!!!! I am so sorry you had to come home earlier!

I was waiting to wish you a happy bday till you got back and had time to catch up....but now, I'm just plain late and not getting to surprise you!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You are a gift to this world! And a gift to me and so many others. And a gift to your little G! :blink:

Lots of love and birthday wishes!

Love, Emily

p.s. I love the beach too...and can't wait to be able to go again. it is so healing. my mom got to go for a week this summer and i was so happy for her to get a break from caregiving and her firstt realy vacation in the eight years i have been sick. she just got to be a vegetable and was in this nice house that a friend had rented and my mom didn't have to pay! now, that's a real treat! :( how often does that happen!

i do lots of meditation cds and they always tell you to imagine a place that you want to be or have been...and i either imagine a beach, a lake or a mountain stream. lately, it's been the beach, beach, beach. and, i love my ocean waves cd! so, there is something so healing, but the real thing is even better than a cd i think!

corina, maybe you could get an ocean surf cd too and dream about it like i do???? :(

goodnight alligators! i'm so wiped!

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Laura and Emily thank you :blink:

Em--so glad your mom got to go away this summer. Yes, when I do relaxation exercises I also visualize the beach usually! I also have an ocean sounds cd that I bought to use during labor--turned out to be kind of silly for that purpose--but it is relaxing to listen to--great suggestion for corina! Thanks for all your kind words--you are such a generous soul, my dear. Hope you have/had a good night of good sleep!


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very belated but very happy birthday thoughts are wished to you! :angry::)

hope you and family are feeling better and looking forward to many happy, healthy years together!! :)

best wishes for a wonderful year, katherine!

lulu :)

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