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Head Pressure W/ Severe Symptoms

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I'm surprised I made it home today. I was just at the store for about a half hour when i started gettting the sweats badly and i got a dull pain in my head and felt like i was going to pass out. i just took my bp and its not too bad, just 120/80 pulse 100 and 106/68, pulse 110 when I stand. I just have this horrible pressure in my head. Could it be sinuses????

Here is it very hot out, around 98 degrees and tomorrow its supposed to reach 100 degrees........Im freaking out right now because i have never had myi head feel this weird.....

Anyone have this?? what hleps?


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I'm having the stomanche part now....;) I think this is the worst i have felt.

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like nina said this isn't unusual with temps of that degree. in fact it's not all that uncommon even in folks that DON'T have autonomic dysfunction when it's so very hot & humid, especially if low on hydration.

make sure you're keeping up lots of fluids of course, but other than that just try to stay inside as much as possible until the worst of the heat passes.

;) melissa

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I guess so! Thanks for the info J.G. and Nina.

I never knew it was this bad....My head is abostolueely horrible...I thought i was beginnin g to be okay it n hot places, guess im not going out today or ntomrowwo..the weather mean said it is really feelign like 105 todya and tomorrow 110..so much for my bday...

Im in ac and it has goten a little better but not much, i still have the pain nera my left eye

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