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Possible Pots

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I had gastric bypass surgery almost nine months ago. I've lost eighty pounds thank you very much.

Two months into the surgery I started having problems with orthostatic hypotension. I fainted once.

I was also found to have low potassium levels in my blood as well.

Then, about a month ago I started having tachycardia, shortness of breath to the point that I had a panic attack and hyperventilated.

Been to a Cardiologist, nothing wrong with my heart. Saw an Endocronologist, adrenals look fine. I do have low thyroid but we already knew that.

It was found when I had a ct scan to look at my adrenals that I have a huge mass that they think is an ovarian cyst. It's big and lopsided and has solid septation through it. There are also a number of smaller cysts around this thing, like it has it's own solar system I guess and one small cyst on my right kidney.

I know this cyst has to come out but I'm afraid that it has nothing to do with my POTS symptoms and I will continue to suffer and be nonfunctional. A lump on my bed, day in and day out.

Could an ovarian cyst cause POTS type symptoms? And if it is because of my gastric bypass surgery, will I ever recover? Of do I just exist the best I can until I either have a stroke or a heart attack.

Sorry to sound so morbid but I'm feeling scared and overwhelmed and very, very mortal right now.

Lynda Rose

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Hi Lynda,

A few months ago I did a ton of resesarch with my obgyn into ovarian cysts because we though I might have them. From my research, it seems unlikely that your cysts would be causing your POTS, and there's even some loose evidence that your POTS--if you have elevated levels of nor-epinephrine in your blood--could be causing your cysts. (I found an article that linked elevated levels of norepinephrine in rat ovaries to the growth of cysts.) However, I'm not a doctor, so please don't take what I say as fact.

POTS is usually caused by some form of autonomic neuropthy--or nerve damage to your autonomic nervous system. What you might want to do is look for the root cause of that nerve damage.

Also, If you do get the surgery to get the cysts removed, your anesthesiologist should be aware you have these problems, as you may react strangely to the anesthesia.

Have you found a doctor who'se familiar with POTS? That will be the key to your recovery.

Sorry I don't have better news for you. I hope you find answers soon!


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Yes, please see your doctor. There was a huge news story the past weekend about 4 out of 10 gastric surgery pts have PROBLEMS following surgery.

These surgeries are kind of new in the grand scheme of things and docs are still studying long term affects.

i would demand an extensive evaluation at this point. If there is interruption in the food absorbtion supply somewhere along the GI tract, it could be creating havoc and the ovary thing may or may not be connected.

Best of luck to you and hope you get things straightened out.

Only your doctors can answer your questions for sure.


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Well congrats on the weight loss, anyway.

Supposedly rapid weight loss can unfortunately cause autonomic problems- I don't know if it's damage to the ANS exactly, but I'd guess so. Hopefully, this type of OI will be temporary, or resolve itself eventually.

Sorry you're dealing with it, though.

Happy thoughts your way!

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I had a gastric bypass in 1999, but I was having problems with low BP long before that surgery. Can you remember if you had any of the problems you have now before surgery?

Take care of yourself,


I had preenclampsia with my last baby in 2001. Other than that, nothing real significant with my blood pressure. My problems began two months after my gastric bypass surgery.

It makes me angry!! I spent two years researching, praying about, talking to people about the surgery. I NEVER heard of anything like this resulting from gastric bypass. My surgeon has never heard of it either.

My ovarian cyst is very large and may or may not be malignant. It's got some solidness to it so I won't know till it's been biopsied.

If removing this cyst doesn't help, then I guess my next step is to see my neurologist.


My husband got laid off last Friday so my insurance is iffy right now. Isn't life grand at times?

Lynda Rose

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