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Lymes Came Negitive!


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Ok my first set of blood work came back negitive for Lymes, so now I am going to do the western blot test. I was down as I thought, and was hoping this would be it. But the test I had taken was done localy.

Any ideas to help would be great!


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I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry it didn't go the way you wanted it to.

My thoughts are with you, and I hope you find the answers soon!


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Hi Amy, Sorry to hear you didn't get the confirmation of what you suspected :( I'd take it with a grain of salt though, cause there are so many reasons you can end up with a negative test while having lyme. That's why it's very important to see a lyme literate doctor who can diagnose you on symptoms if need be. But definitely important to let a doctor who understands lyme guide you through this, if in fact you do have lyme. Frustrating I know :unsure:

I tested negative for lyme 3 or 4 times myself. It took almost a year of treatment on antibiotics before I showed up positive. I had a co-infection that was taking priority with my immune system, so the lyme was basically getting ignored... I had to get lab work done through Igenex to show that I was positive for lyme, still not showing a complete positive with the local labs.

I wish you the best. Keep us posted on how your western blot turns out.


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I thanks for your post. I been doing alot of reading, and I made the choice to go see a LLMD. I made some calls today and am able to get into Dr. Crist in MO. Plus I was able to get in on August 14. I have never got in to see specialist this soon. I am hoping that we can find out whats going on, of rule lyme's out. I was talking to the the women form the office and it seem like many people get negivtive blood work, after we talked and explain everything I have been though, see said it's good I am making the appintment.

So I guess we will with and see what happens! ;)

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I echo what others have said, esp. Pamyla, who is right on the money.

Honestly, phooey on the general Lyme test you get done locally...it's not any clue as to whether or not you have Lyme...

So, hold on my dear, until you see the LLMD and make sure you have the PROPER evaluation and testing you need to rule Lyme in or out.

I am like Pamyla...not really getting much positives...only enough to say it is 'suspicious that I might have Lyme' and am doing serial testing over the next several motnhs to see if we can get 'stronger positives.


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Guest tearose

Okay, suggestions...

Forget about the tests. They are not "gold standards" and you will back yourself into a corner if you are going to count on these tests to be 100% accurate for either a false or a negative.

My suggestion is to figure out what YOU want to try. If you have a gut feeling that you may benefit by a trial of antibiotic treatment for presumptive lyme... then advocate for it!!! Don't stop until you find a doctor who respects you and your symptoms and will work with you to rule things out and try various types of treatment.

Keep your strength Amy, this IS a big deal and you have to put alot of energy into this. You will do fine. Just think about all the choices and trust that inner instinct.

best regards, tearose

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