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Razor And Midodrine


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Does anyone else have a problem shaving?? I am on Midodrine and I have to take it 3-4 times a day, esp before a shower, so my symptoms aren't too bad. Anyhow, I am noticing that it is almost impossible to shave because of the goosebumps.....I keep cutting my legs up...

Has anyone tried Nair or a product like that? Does it work? I do have sensitive skin, so I have yet to try it.

Also, is there a good, cheap electric razor out there?? Maybe that will help with my probs??

Thanks for any advice!


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Hey Jacquie,

Showers make me very sympotomatic so shaving in them just became impossible without wanting to pass right out. I went to my local drug store and bought an electric razor. It makes it so much easier. I keep my shaving maintained and I can do it whenever I'm feeling up to it. If I recall correctly mine only cost $25-$30 and they last a long time.

I have really sensitive skin and I wouldn't recommend Nair. I tried it once and would never do that again! I have a very bad reaction.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Alexia,

I think I might invest in an electric razor. Do you have a shower chair in your bathtub/shower?? That has helped me a great deal in reducing the symptoms during a shower. <_<

I think insurance may even cover it. My mom got mine for me, but I bet if your doctor wrote an RX out for it, you wouldn't have to pay for it (maybe a copay?).


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hi jacquie!

AHH! the shaving legs fiasco!..LOL..whatever you do do not stand to shave you legs.. I know when i was a teenage i'd stand and sahve my legs .. correction I'd stand on one legs and prop the pther one up).. I'd always wonder why my legs would turn ssssssssooooooooooooooooo very purple!!

But my legs would bleed and bleed even 4-5 hours later the "dots" or goosebumps would be bleeding.. that stunk...

I learned by trial and error that i needed to sit down when i shaved..

then I've found a few things that help avoid the nicking of the legs... Gillette sensitive skin shaving gels work nicely.. adn they make the legs feel smooth too..along with the gillette pivot razors.. they ruin about $5-6 dollars for about 10 razors.. and the gel is about 2 something....

or waht i use like all the time now is the Intuition razors.. you know the new fangiled razor thingy that is out now.. they are exspensive though.. but its a all in one deal.. with the stuff around the razor that is in the middle (sorry can think of waht it is called).. but you can shave your legs in one swoop with this gadget... no need for gel or anyhting just water...

but like i said the cartridge thing runs about 9-10 dollars.. and the refills are pricy.. they run between $9-14...they have snesitive skin ones.. that is what i use..

they are pricy... but i find that they are easier to use.. then having to go thru the hassel of gell and shaving the rinsing..(iactually dont have the energy to do all that now! lol) .. and I've had no prblems with nick or bleeding since i started using this..

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I know EXACTLY how you feel. Shaving is a misery on this stuff! I just tell my boyfriend not to get his hopes up on 100% smooth legs- even if they start out that way, by a couple hours later, goosebumps are inevitable. Plus it hurts! And sometimes you've got them in the bath , and then you really can't shave.

Yesterday I shaved just a little bit, and last night went to the gym, and by the end of my workout, I was completely goosebumped, and my legs were sweaty, and man, that was painful!

Veet/Neet works pretty well- I hate at-home waxing products, because they never seem to work well, I haven't had much luck with Nair or Sally Hansen brands. And I refuse to get my legs waxed professionaly. Oh , and if you use the lotion hair removers, make sure to test a spot first, so if you DO react, it won't be all over your legs.

I often use an electric razor- it's not the closest shave, but it gets rid of what's visible.

I'd also be interested in hearing other people's solutions!

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interesting, I thought it was something unique to me. I joke, (although not really funny) that they should draw blood from my legs while I am in the shower shaving. They can never get blood out of me, yet no matter what razor I use, I seem to bleed forever a few hours after. Just enough to have to put those darn dot bandaids on!!

I also just purchased a battery operated razor, for the too lousy for shower days. I can use it with or without water.

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