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SLR stands for single lens reflex.

I have one Cannon EOS, and I also have and olympus. ( went to college for photograpghy and marketing) When it comes down to it you need to find a camers that is in your price range and easy to use, and meets your needs.) I have a 8.0 Megapixel and love it!

Good luck on you camera shopping, and happy picture taking!

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We had a hewlett packard before. I want something under 200. It looks to me like the biggies you need to look at are the megapixels which I'm thinking 5 would be good for us and then definitely want to make sure it has optical zoom. Our old camera took forever to reset after you took a picture...is that how all digital cameras are?

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You might want to look up cameras on a site like ePinions, where actual owners give their 2? worth on the cameras. I own two cameras--my first, an older kodak easy share--it's old, and slow. My new one is a Casio exlim 7.0 megapixels--very fast to reset between photos, and the batery is rechargeable and lasts longer than I expected. I added my own sd memory card and with that, can take a ton of really good quality photos and video.

After you decide what you want to buy, consider using google's "froogle" search feature to find your best price.


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