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For Those Of You Going On Vacation:


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My goodness, France, how wonderful. I will dream about those types of vacations and enjoy reading about others who post and traveled. I believe someone was talking about past Ireland experiences, maybe it was DancingLight, not sure, but I really had visions running through my head as she talked about her days there. If you can't get there---------keep your dreams alive!!!

I actually traveled with my husband to Boothbay, Me. We were in the car about 4 hrs. up there and I never thought I could do it, but I did. I had a wonderful room that was ground level on the water over looking all the beautiful boats. It was so peaceful. I was just thrilled to have accomplished going somewhere with my husband as I have been house bound for a year. I managed to eat a wonderful dinner overlooking the water as well. The downside is I felt really sick all night, all kinds of symptoms, more than I had in awhile, but today- better, just real tired from lack of sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

I do hope others post what they were able to do this summer, as little as it may seem. One day was wonderful- I will take it and treasure that view until the next time, whenever that may be. :)

Thank goodness the trip back was only a little over 2 hours!!!!!!!!

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Enjoy your vacation! :)

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Yup it was me talking about Ireland! Oh how beautiful that country is! :) (And, yup, I am waayyy behind on posts and reading...it's kinda hit or miss these days whether I catch a topic!)


Are you home from your trip???? I can't wait to hear how it was...I hope you were feeling as well as possible and had a great trip...and travelled well in your new van!


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we're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. . . and boy we really had a great vacation. the weather was soooooo hot that i started sweating again (after years of not being able to sweat during the day no matter how hot, but losing tons of fluids during the night :D ). and for a moment i thought: o my, i'm cured!!!! unfortunately i am not, but being able to sweat while it is so hot outside is very good for my body!

i wasn't able to do or see much during our 2 weeks stay, but it was great to be together with my family (and our best friends: male, female and little girl). AND . . . i have been in the swimming pool a few times and tried to swim. oh it felt so great being in the water and i was able to swim 5 meters at first (and my hubby got me out of the pool and on the bed near the pool where i slept for one hour :angry: ) and the next day i could swim 10 meters and then 20 (with stops in between but hey . . ) i was so proud of myself!!!!!

we went for a daytrip to the Camargue which is an area where there are wild horses and flamingo's, which i enjoyed very much (laying/lying in our cool van!!!) and visited a beatiful village near the sea where i could ride on my scooter (hip hip hurray for the van: we now can take almost everything!!!) and watch the boys play at the beach. and one day we were on the beach and i was in the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!

another day we went to see an ancient city (medieval) and as it was "le quatorze juillet " (July 14th) which is the day when the french celebrate the start of their republic so everyone was celebrating which was great to be part of.

my husband and our male friend went to taste wine a few times and visited wine castles where they produce and bottle their own wine. they bought some bottles and made beautiful photos. the "chateaux de vins" (wine castles) often are in the family for ages and so is their property.

and now we're back and i'm very very tired and will try to get back on my base. i know that i'm privilidged (sp?) to be able to make such a trip every year and it really means very, very much to me but it is also very very hard on my body and it will take some time to recover from this. but it was well worth it.

nadine thanks for sharing your story, i loved reading it. i would love others to write their stories, so that we can enjoy them!

everyone else: thanks for your well wishes. we had a great vacation (thanks to our new van!!!) (oh and my lovely family of course!!!! ;) )

corina :)

oh, for those of you who don't know: i am in the netherlands. travelling to the south of france is about 14 to 16 hours drive

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Welcome back---

It sounds like you had a wonderful time, all things considered. Congrats for the swimming accomplishments.

I didn't realize that you were from the Netherlands, that would be a great trip as well!!! You should put up pics of your trip and your home land as welll.

Glad you had a great time, now rest up!!! :D

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Hi Corina!

Welcome home!

It's great that you can pack 'everything but the kitchen sink' in your new van! :lol:

Thanks for the scoop on your trip...sounds wonderful, but I do know how tiring it is. So rest up and we'll catch up when you recuperate!

Thanks so much for checking in.

I have been working on a list of idioms for you! I hadn't been able oto think of any for so long and then, all of the sudden while you were out of town I had light bulbs go off and remembered a whole bunch more for you!

I also bought all four packs of your cards! And they are incredible, amazing, beautfiul, etc. I can't wait to use them for special things--you know how little I do snail mail...but these will be perfect for all of my friends who are getting married, having babies, and having 30th bdays this year (just about everyone it seems!).

Okay, more later alligator!

I, too, am off for a nap!


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corina -

SO glad that you had a good trip. your new van sounds SO cool and helpful. i love the way that you do whatever you have to do to enjoy a vacation as much as possible despite limitations. the day trips as well as the more restful times of the trip all sound wonderful; i am jealous! and i too can't wait to see some pictures.

about your cards, they certainly were/are beautiful. i TRIED to buy two sets of them myself and almost did win one set, but miss emily beat me to it in the last few minutes of the auction. i think emily should have shared, but you're right that at least they are in good hands. but i have told her that i'm going to make her send me one card so i can at least see one in person! i don't usually tell people to send me a card, but i really want at least one for myself :)

hope you're getting some good rest now that you're home...

B) melissa

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melissa is seriously cracking me up! now i'd better get a card out to her, eh? B)

corina...next week or the week after...after my next series of medical junk and after you recuperate a bit from your trip we will start the idioms! :) i am very excited!

and...i want to know WHAT KIND OF VAN YOU HAVE! is it a kind that we could get in america? i would do anything to have a car that i could go out in! and not be totally homebound!

love, em

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OHHH!! I'm living vicariously thru all of you!!!!! I would love to be able to travel to other countries!!!! I one day hope to be able to travel to Sweeden-England and Paris!!!!!!!!!! Ireland sopunds wonderful as well!

Enjoy your trips folks!!!

DUH!! sorry corina I just looked at the date of your poat and realized that you have come and gone allready! the south of france sounds fabulous!! I'm so glad that you are able to spend this precious time with your family.. they will truly remember things like this for years to come.. as I'm sure you will too!!!!

now rest up dear!! B)

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