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Dazed Feeling?


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Heres a question for you, hopefully I don't sound crasy. I been feeling kind of dazed latly. like after you pass out and you are coming to, the spacing feeling. I am having that alot, even when I have not passed out. What any of you felt like that? Have you found anything to improve how you feel?

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Guest dionna

when i felt like that a lot they sent me to the mental health department. i still feel like it sometimes but it isn't as bad. maybe it is just a time thing. my family especially, notice that i daze out but most of the time i don't even notice it myself. i just figure maybe it is a lack of the oxygen our brains crave because i feel like that even more just before i faint. i don't know though. i don't have any advice but i just wanted you to know that you aren't crazy- my pysch says so and that you aren't alone, i visit "space" as well. :)

dionna :)

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SPACE - THE FINAL FRONTIER..........God I hope not, because I'm there everyday!!!!! I, too, get that oh so spaced out feeling. I forget what I was doing, or about to do, or need to do, etc. I try to write things down and then, of course, can't find the list. I'll be watching TV with my husband and miss and entire segment of the show (thank God for Tivo!). I'll ask him what I missed and he looks at me like I'm nuts because I was sitting there the whole time!!! LOL (He then rewinds it for me!) Even as I type these posts I find that I start to "zone out" a lot of the time and I have to reread what I wrote to figure out what I was even trying to say!! Geez, it's just awful sometimes.

Hey, has anyone ever dialed a phone number and then before they can even answer it, you forget who you were calling and why you were even calling in the first place?? Love that one!!! What an idiot I must sound like to my friends and family!!!! :)

Sorry, LOL, I actually just lost track of my thoughts and can't find them again, so I'll break here, I suppose!! Oh well, I think y'all got the jist aye?


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hi yup that dazed feeling is a potsy thing.. I get like that alot...

maybe you could try drinking or eat something very high in sodium when you feel that way.. and see if that offers any even a teeny tiny bit of relief..

I'm spaced out to some degree daily!..on the bad days I constantly say waht did you say? or HUH?

rebecca I do that with the phone thing all the time!!

Or one of my personal favorites.. I will get up to go to the kitchen or the another room in the house.. and the minute i stand up to leave the room I totally forget why and waht I was getting up for!!

or when I forget how to spell my own name...(lol) that always nice being out some where and they ask for your signature.. and you cant remember how to write your own name.. that gets a alot of puzzled looks let me tell ya!

or (sorry i gotta share this too!!) when you find things in odd place.. that arent where they are suppose ot bve!! like the cheese in the silver wear drawer and the cordless phone in the freezer! or the peeper/ or my purse/wallet in the frdige!

my goodness well it least it gets a crazy good laugh!! lol

so dont wory my dear.. the sapcy feeling is normal part for us potsy folks!

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I have called ppl only to forget who I was infact calling....Talk about awkward when the ppl you were calling answer the phone!

I do get the dazed feeling once in a while..........Prob has something to do with the amt of O2 we get?

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Well I feel better knowing I am not the only one that feel this way! <_< We can all be dazed out together :) LOL!

Talk to you all Later!


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I too get that dazed feeling. I find that eating sometimes helps. When I am working it usually happens around mid afternoon. I feel very out of it, tired, and find it hard to carry a conversation. People always ask if I am okay and I know that I will be fine if I am just left alone for awhile.

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