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Mvp/autonomic Disorders Clinic In Birmingham


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So I *finally* have an appointment scheduled for August 10 (boo on it taking so long) with Dr. Paula Moore at the Autonomic Disorders/Mitral Valve Proplapse Center in Birmingham, AL. Have any of you all been to the clinic or seen her? What did you think?

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Surfing around their website and found that they link to both this site and NDRF...that made me feel a little bit better, like maybe I'll be taken seriously (unlike, apparently, the Cleveland Clinic). But I'm worried because 'lifestyle modification' is their first listed goal- before meds. Which may indicate a 'blame the patient' attitude like has been discussed here and like I've encountered before on a variety of issues.

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I've been there several times. I had the ttt test done, vagal manuevers and exercise test to check how I utilize oxygen. I found out I tend to they hyperadrenergic dysautonomia. I went there back in 92 and have been back there a few times since. I live in NY so it is a trek...I drive down there, make a trip out of it. My dr. who I had seen back then left a year ago. I've heard great things about Dr. Moore.

They don't make you feel like your crazy. They understand it is your nervous system. They explain whatever they can to you. They tell you about lifestyle modifications, such as no caffiene, exercise more, the importance of fluids to keep the b/p up etc.,for some that is all they need to do, but they do rx meds for you. I've been on beta blocker and they also recommended an ssri,.

It was the only place I found where someone understood when I told the symptoms I was having. I have mvp dysautonomia. They never made me feel silly with the questions I asked, they are available to talk to by phone, I e-mail the nurse and they are always prompt to respond.

I have only positive things to say about the center, but that was/has been my experienced. The reassurance they gave me is priceless.

If you have any questions..I'd be happy to answer them.


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Dr. Moore is my doctor. She is truly a wonderful person. She never once made me feel like I was crazy or that is was all in my head. She has tried numerous things with me........not only medication and she won't give up on trying to get me to a better quality of life. When ever I have had to call the office I always get a quick call back. I have nothing but praises for her and the staff. She has done so much for me and is still trying. I know I am in a better place than before I was going to her. I was passing out 4 to 5 times a week and now it is down to a few times a month. I think with her help I will eventually be able to get back to work. She is the type that will listen to you......doesn't make you feel rushed........and she talks to you about you treatment. She has even called me back to check on me when I was having a horrible crisis. She's great.


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