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Chest X-ray Results

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Hi Everyone..... B)

I haven't seen alot of posts on lung involvement ( aside from shortness of breath ) and I just wanted to run this one by you because of your combined wealth of information. :(

Just got my chest x-ray results that partially reads.... "There is slight linear shadowing at the left lung base which in unchanged since November 2005. The appearance suggest slight scarring....."

Any insight(s)????

I find I learn more from my friends here than any medical professional!!

Thanks in advance!

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I have some similar issues with my chest X-ray. I'm thinking that it's because I get Pneumonia at least once a year, for the last 18 years!! Does anyone else seem to get Pneumonia a lot?

Do you get chest colds or something more severe very often? Do you, did you ever smoke? What's the doc tell you it could be or be from?

I also have smoked off and on during my life, so that doesn't help, I'm sure.

I'll be interested to hear what folks have to say about this one, aye?


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I have frequent pleurisy and pneumonia, am a non smoker although my dad was a heavy smoker when I was growing up. I've been told that pleurisy is common for EDS patients b/c my lungs are too mobile (aka floppy and stick to themselves).


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Hi Rebecca..

Yes, I get pneumonia at least once a year. I had the original chest x-ray back in November due to a severe chest cold. But, it wasn't pneumonia at that time.

And....yes...... :( I do smoke. I don't smoke alot and I have quit on and off and know that I really do have to quit for good, but it is really hard. I find smoking helps with stress and dealing with pain at 04:00 in the morning.

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No judgement here!!! I've been smoking off and on (mostly on) since I was 13.....on my last birthday I was 34, so............like I said, who am I to judge???

I wonder if that's why our chests hurt so badly?

I'm still waiting for my "official" DX, as I've been DX with MG already, but now they're second guessing that DX. Apparently ALL of the symptoms of MG are they same as POTS, but POTS actually has a few more. Those "few more" were the ones that I have that didn't "fit" with MG. The funny thing is that the medicine that they give MGer's is Mestinon and IVIG. So I have been feeling better. Then all the blood work for MG came back normal (???).

Anyway, due to the pain in my chest I had a chest CT and it showed a Thymoma. This is indicative of MG, so who knows, huh???

I just think that it's weird that the meds I was given for MG are what made me feel so much better and that I might have never even had MG at all!!!

My chest STILL hurts most of the time and I do have scarring on my lungs and I do smoke and I do get Pneumonia all the time. Weird, weird. weird.

I hope that we all (someday) get cured and start to feel better!!!!


PS - I get Pluersy, too!!

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I have always had several bouts of bronchitus. yupper respitory and bronchial infections... when i started getting really bad with symptoms...

I started getting acute bronchitus about 5 times a year along with upper respitory infection..in the winter of 2002/2003.. I ran freaky high fevers (101-103).. and had such trouble breathing. I had pluerisy for about 5 months straight.. and couldnt shake it.. on top of bronchitus.. spring time was looming.. and I got acute bronchitus again!! then again in august only that one took about 2 month to get over..

Over the past year..I've had pneumonia once..and bronchiuts and upper respitory infection, chest colds roughly..6-7 times i think...UGH!! ontop of other "normal " illnesses this year.. mymy mymy

I was diagnosed with astma when i was like 17-18.. and then later more testing showed that i have restrictive lung disease.. not astma!!!!!

I dont know why i get these types of infections so much but i do. I live in a smkoe free enviroment.. and i have never smoked. and nobody is aloud to smoke around me.. (i'm allergic to cig smoke) &it makes my lungs hurt..

Do you foks often feel that your lungs are full of junk?? meaning congestion? even though you dont have an infection in them? My chest and lungs hurt 24/7 and my breathing has seen better days!! just curious.. I'm currently not on a treatment for my ling disease.. they said i have tried everything that is vailable to try... :angry: and told me to learn to live with it! HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!

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To answer your questions about MG treatments helping your POTS, many POTS patients do well on Mestinon. I forget exactly why...has to do with Acytlcholine (sp?) and vein constriction. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it's not uncommon for POTS patients to take Mestinon and see results from it.

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Guest Julia59

In early April I had a chest x-ray---I was really worried because the woman who was the x-ray tech came out after checking the quality of the x-ray and ask if I smoked----her eyes were really big. She had no business doing that, but I suppose it was automatic. they are supposed to ask if you smoke before the x-ray. NOT AFTER----so that is why it freaked me out a bit.

The radiologist read it as "normal", however shadows were noted---I can't remember how it was worded on the report, and I just tried to find it-----Uggggggggggg----my medical records are all over the place---and I don't want to get my tachycardia going looking for them----I have some kind of virus---- B):angry::o ----and my heart gets so trigger happy when I'm sick with something else. I have a pulminologist, and I will send him a copy---as the breathing issues are getting worse.

Anyway, I always have chest congestion on and off, and I get bronchitis every time I get a cold.

I quit smoking in 1990 after smoking about a pack a day for 15 years. Smoking aggravated my tachycardia back then---so it was pretty easy to quit. I was down to about 5 cigarettes a day by that time also.

I don't miss the smokes----and I hate being around smoke---makes my POTS symptoms a royal mess.

You would have never guessed that I smoked non-menthol---and menthol both----- :o If you knew me now---you would think I never smoked a day in my life.

Julie :0)

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I went through a brief period of smoking during my college days- at the most a year. I had pneumonia which is what triggered this whole thing. I have had several chest x-rays with "shadows" and I too have seen a pulmonogist. I was just reminded of this reading your post

My pulmonary function tests were abnormal which they thought was due to my pregnancy. It was not asthma- whatever the opposite of that would be. I wonder if now that I am no longer pregnant I should ever look into this again.

I have breathing problems once in a while but notihing too severe.


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hi maggs:0)

many times 'scarring'....is indicative of past pneumonia scarring.

since it hasn't changed since november---this is even more indicative--that it is scarring:0)

smoking--usually causes what they call 'infiltrative' affects...on lung xrays.

neither are indicative of cancer, on an xray report.

i smoke tooooooo.......ackkkkkkk--and wish i could just hate cigs....but all emotional for me....dang crutch....and something, i guess to do...when this pots thing keeps us incapaciated...and inactive....yada.....

just one emotional crutch......i am willing to admit....

hope i just darn hate cigs some day....!

anyways, hope this helps,hun...



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Thanks everyone!

Another quick question(s) ;)

For those with repeat pneumonia/pleurisy/bronchitis.......do you have an underlying autoimmune disorder or how does this tie in with dysautonomia???

What is the treatment you have found most effective treating it ??? (Especially if you have sensitivity problems with antibiotics) :rolleyes:

Do you "jump on top of" the chest cold/symptoms each time or wait until diagnosis is confirmed??

Thanks in advance...

ps Hi Maggee :0)

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