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Limited Part Time Work From Home


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I know many are bed bound or homebound or SEMI homebound like me.

If you can afforded a dedicated line added to your home, there are work from home ideas. One is as live operator where you answer phones for infomercials. Can do 1/2 increments or as much as you want. Pick your hours. Instead of outsourcing to India, about 3 or 4 companies do this in the USA.

I am invesigating this as a freind of mine, stay at home mom works 4-6am and makes 3-$400 a month. there are other call center from home jobs too so I just wondered if anybody has tried these?

Many jobs at home are scams. The good thing about this place is you only have to give MINIMUM 30 minutes notice if you are ill. I would know hours in advance, I can't do credit card and numbers deal.

Plus, if you have laptop like me, you can literally WORK FROM BED!!!

now you have to have a dedicated work room to close out barking dogs, doorbell sounds, cats playing, children yelling. So to do this, you have to be a professional sounding person. Guess nobody wants to give credit card do you if you have kids yelling or dog barking in background.

I wondered if anybody has tried this. You work maybe 30 minute or 2 hr blocks but are only paid by the MINUTE. so it's no get rich quick but if it works, its baby steps which is what we are about?

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Hi Sophia,

I looked into working at home for a while then stopped. I did come across this website though that was very helpful. You may want to look into it. http://www.wahm.com/

I knew someone who did the infomercial operator and enjoyed the flexibility of time and the extra income it provided while staying home with their kids.

I'd be interested to hear what you turn up on this topic.

Good luck. :)

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I came across this article awhile back and saved it. It has a list of legit companies that you can make an earning from home.

'4 Real Jobs You Can Do From Home'


Also, if you hold a bachelor's degree or are working towards one, you can tutor kids from 4th grade to College at www.tutor.com in subjects ranging from English, science, math, to social studies. You make your own schedule from 2pm-1am up to 30 hours. Starting pay is $10 an hour and it goes up the longer you are with the company.

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WoW! the disabled group I belong to does NOT consider you disabled if you can get out and about for 30 hrs! And many disabled attorneys read and post there and some former Soc Sec workers!

They are warning me about working from my BED!!

Gotta be careful. SGA is often not just the money you earn but ACTIVITY inVOLVED...driving, being upright, in stuffy rooms, elevators, stairs, flickering lights, how long you can be OUT, how OFTEN you can commit to appts...things that bother many of us.

But the disability site I go to is conservative and rules are changing and they LOOK for ways to dump people. If you get out of the house DAILY and or have active social life, and are video taped, it can be serious issue.

I was mentioning this kind of job for HOMEBOUND.

I can control room temp, NOT have to get dressed, or STAND or drive to do thiswork. Can work at 30 minute increments. I may start off with that to see how I do.

What I am talking of is for those too sick to drive or leave home. It's no get rich quick but it's LEGIT !!!

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Hey guys..GREAT post!!

I just wanted to clarify...the tutor.com website Alexia mentioned IS a work from home job!! :D

You don't have to go to the children to tutor..you do it from your laptop...and according to the site you can choose your own hours..it doesn't have to be thirty. Sounds very interesting!

I think these are all good sites...I've been wondering myself what I could do at home to make some money with flexible hours...so Thanks for the post!!

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thanks WarEagle for claryfication!!


One company you can work 30 minutes a week! just get paid by actual time on phone...per minute!


baby steps....baby steps ;)

PM me if you want to know what companies to investigate. One is a self employed agent which mean I would have to do quarterly TAXES? I haven't paid taxes in 15 years so I am ignorant of this stuff.

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