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X-ray Result Are In.. Now I'm Getting That Mri..finally!

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my doc office called me today and gave me the result of the cervical x-rays.

mind you i allready have a disc herniation. and spinal rotation just below the herniation.. an big oychie there alone

well it showed that i have degenerative joint disease (arthritis)at levels c5-c6 (that is where my disc herniation is) c6-c7 c7-t1..and tath there is inflammation in there as well.. now they only x-ray'd my cervical spine..I'd be curious to see what a full spinal MRI would show..i think that it would show alot..

But b/c of the results of the x-rays I am now getting that MRI.. that I've been needing for ages now of atleast my brain stem cervical neck.. hopefully they will do a full spinal MRI or do it in section..b/c i get some nasty pain in my entire spine and tailbone...

I hope tha this doesnt sound bad.. but I'm glad that something showed up on the x-rays.. (not b/c i want something wrong but b/c i know that something is messed up in there).. and now maybe they will take me more seriously when I say I'm in pain.. and my head feels like it is going to explode! the nurse said that this could be causing my severe headaches. and possible the pressure/squeezing that i feel in my brain too...

SO i am thankful that now i'm getting an MRI that i have needed for some time now.. my PCP left.. and a new doc took over.. and I' guessing that my old pcp really filled him in on my case. b/c they called here and asked me to come in b/c the new doc wants to meet me and see what he can do to help me.. I think that that is really nice! my doc who he is taking the place of was fantastic.. so I'll "meet" this new doc on tuesday..

But on one note I'm wondering .. I'm only 24 yrs old.. why on earth do i have arthiritis in my neck?? and so many odd abnormalities thru out my body?? yeah know what i mean folks?? I'm baffled!


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When I was about 24-25 I had to go for a bone scan. The results were good from the standpoint that they did not find anything bad but they told me and showed me all the areas where I had the beginnings of arthritis. Neck, ankles,knees,hips,shoulders,neck and even on my clavicle. The dr. told me that it is not uncommon to see the beginnings of arthritis in a person in their 20s.

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That's great Linda! Don't get me wrong, I hate that you have degeneration in your spine, but after months of suffering, you're finally going to get answers :) Hopefully they'll be able to actuall DO something about it!

I'll be praying for you...you've suffered so much, I just hope this new round of tests will bring you answers and solutions :)

(((((BIG HUGS)))))


(((((MORE HUGS)))))

- Lauren

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thanks lauren!! I too hope that they can get to the root of things sooner raher then later...I'm setting thing in place to go to long island to the chiari institute... i guess they have some state of the art testing there... I'm trying to come to terms with things and realize that even if theye ver do find out the cause for my pain and the root cause of my pots and other things.. that there may or may not be a "cure" or fix all.. but i am at least hoping for some answers... and maybe a bitbetter management of pain and pots too would be nice...

I'm hoping that i get into vvandy. I' curious to seewaht they have to say.. like i said I'm keeping my expecttation low.. not in a negeative way.. but i'm trying to be realistic. and not get my hopes up to high and then be devastated later on ya know?

But i too hope for answers and solutions... to atleast know!!

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