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I have been off the boards quite a bit lately, due to a progression of symptoms that just make it hard to type, sit up for long, you all know the story.

Anyway, I always try to greet new people and have been very remiss. Of course there has been a huge influx here, so it's been harder. Anyway, welcome to the site, you will find it friendly, helpful, and comforting, with a big * on the comforting. No one has to be alone in this horrible illness and that is comforting. So again, for all those I've missed, sorry, and welcome! morgan

(As you can see I'm an oldie moldie)

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I am so glad you posted that. I was thinking the same thing last night...I rarely get to check in anymore and when I do there are so many new names and I know I haven't welcomed a single one!

I know you were always on the welcome wagon for newbies! I liked to be able to do that too.

So, I guess great minds think alike, eh? hahahahahahaha! Because I was just thinking about all the new folks last night too.

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time too...;)

I do hope the new folks find the board to be the incredible source of support and comfort that I have found it to be. Even in my absence from the board, my friends here are always in my heart....


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good thinking Morgan!

I'm not able to get one the site as much as I used too, and when I do get on.. its not for ling these days... i keep seeing all the news names on the board.. and want to exstend warm wishes and welcomes.. I'm sorry that dysautonomia brings you hear.. but am glad that there is a site like this for us dysautonomia folks to come too..

you will find peole to be freind here and will find comfort in knowing that you arent alone..

this site has been a godsent for me and others as well

so welcome newbie's!!



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i was thinking about that too. i can't be around much at the moment, but i do remember the warm welcome you guys gave me when i introduced myself.

newbies: the best thing here (well, in my humble opinion, of course B) ) is that people from all over the world meet eachother here and relize that they're not alone and get so much help from experienced "potsies"/"dysautonomia's". that makes you (me) feel soooooo much better. oh, and not to forget the tons of information you can find on this site!!!!!

again, welcome to all of you (and: thank you morgan for posting this!),

corina :ph34r:

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Guest tearose

Morgan, I never imagined you an oldie moldie! More like a FINE WHINE or is it WINE? B)

HI and WELCOME to all those who popped on new and I missed saying hello!

It is always good to be able to do what we must in our 3-D life and then be able to connect with our e-friends whenever we can here. I also learn a lot here but as morgan mentions, there is a deep kindness and connection that is here that is rare.

I feel like this forum is where the things we learn and "study/theory" is discussed and shared in the "reality/practice" of our living with our challenges.

So again, welcome newbies!


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I also want to say hello and welcome all the newbies to the forum. It seems like everytime I come online there is a new person here! So welcome all! :rolleyes:


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