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Trojan Horse

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My computer picked up a trojan horse virus from someone or somewhere. I barely even use it anymore, so have no idea where it came from.

I know this is off topic, but not many people go to chit chat and I wanted to reach everyone. My spyware seems to have contained it and the chances that anyone would have gotten it from me (sound like an std report!) is very small, but hubby says to let everyone know to just run a virus check if you haven't recently.

I had to get it from somewhere, and hopefully didn't pass it along. Sorry for any inconvenience. Story of my life right now....morgan

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Guest tearose


First I was worried that you were ill with a weird new virus!

I am glad it is not you! :lol:

Now, I am not computer savvy so please explain how a virus would bother one part of the forum and not the other?

Thanks morgan...and stay well.

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tea -

i think morgan just meant that she posted about the virus in this part of the forum so that more would see the info/alert...

hope this helps clarify,

:lol: melissa

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Guest tearose


Is she also referring to a type of virus?

Besides the virus scan we should do , it there anything else to the trojan horse we should know about?

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no problem :lol:

and yep, the Trojan virus is a certain type of virus. here's a quick link: http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/v...ruses_what.mspx

unless your computer has been acting funky though i wouldn't worry about it. just don't open any email attachments from morgan (or from anything else if you don't know exactly what it is).

:lol: melissa

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Trojans, viruses and spyware can hit ANYPLACE, anytime.

I have had two "attacks" in the middle of Google searches and once caught over 250 or 275 pieces of SPYWARE. I had junk all over my desktop about Casino gambling, buy houses, cars, xxx, it was terrible. Three weeks of running different scans everyday got most of it all out!! I called my computer guy and he told me to try this before puttiing out big money.

You will KNOW YOU HAVE ONE because

1. you get lots of pop ups

2. and or YOUR COMPUTER SLOWS DOWN and freezes up a lot

3. You try to do searches and it re-directs you

4. Your HOMEPAGE gets hijacked.

5. New Icons appear on your desktop

6. Programs have been added to your computer without your knowlege

(go to settings and add/remove programs)

7. A strange toolbar will appear on your computer

**You may get one of these or like I have a couple of times ALL OF THESE!! but hopefully not all at once, but it can happen**

This can all be a nightmare and EVEN SPYWARE SCANS and Virust detectors can NOT eliminate them as they are buried way too deep in the system.

This is a very common problem and even more so as social malcontents INVENT thes Trojans to let loose on the Internet.

It can cost about $250 go have your computer professionally cleaned and sometimes, even the EXPERTS can not get rid of things.

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One other thing is to make sure you are up to date with all of the windows updates, there are certain viruses out there that you dont have to do anything to get because they take advatage of security flaws in windows.

If you dont already have your computer to download updates automaticly, you should check once a week on the windows update site and make sure you have done at least all of the critical updates.

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One of the nice things about having an apple iBook aka Mac--I don't have to worry about most of those issues. That's not to say there are NO viruses, just WAY WAY less. That will change with the newest Macs that have just been released with the new intel chips which can run both apple's operating system AND windows. So, only the windows part will be more vulnerable. Older macs running on the motorola chipsets will likely become even less vulnerable as those who create viruses usually focus on getting their viruses to the masses, not the minority.

Folks here are correct--keep your antiviral software up to date, keep your systems software up to date, and also your browser. Some browswer are better than others at blocking such things and blocking pop ups too.


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