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Hey guys. Well, I got the results of my HIDA scan...I have an ejection fraction of 4%!! :(

So, needless to say my next stop is a surgeon. I just hope my poor gallbladder hangs in there for me until they can get it out :P . I got the results after 5 o'clock today so I haven't gotten an appointment yet. I'm hoping my POTS doc. can recommend someone with knowledge about dysautonomia. I'd like to have it done in Pensacola (if anyone has any suggestions)...if not my GP has a surgeon I can see in AL.

At this point I'm trying not to think about the surgery...I just want to get in and get it done so I don't have to sit here worrying about my gallbladder exploding!! I didn't really talk to my GP about the results..the nurse called and told me..so I'm not exactly sure what that 4% means but I know it's NOT good..so now I'm scared something is going to happen before I can have it taken out.

Any tips/advice is much appriciated...all of your posts have been very helpful!

Thanks guys...love to you all.

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I have been waiting to find out what your naughty GB was REALLY up to...b/c your situation was so similar to mine, I suspected that was the case....

That being said...I am soooo glad you have an ANSWER. I'll let you choose whether or not you want to read my old posts pre- and post-surgery! You can do a search for the green girl and decide! :P

Hopefully given that lousy ejection fraction you will be able to get in quickly to a surgeon. But, make sure you are comfortable with the surgeon.

I worried that I wouldn't make it to surgery either before another attack--I did--but I wasn't able to eat anything either, like you.

Worst case scenario: You have another attack before surgery, you go to the hospital and they do emergency surgery. I pray that's not the case, but that gives you an idea.

I am really grateful that you have an answer---I jumped in late on your posts and when I saw them I was like, omg, another GB bites the dust!

Surgery is no piece of cake, but you know what, you don't have much choice! Despite everything that I have been through....I had to get rid of the GB!

Just remember: You are WAREAGLE and you can get through this!

Please let us know when surgery is scheduled.

You know what really gets me? Is how many of us have had the same experience with docs dismissing it and then it gets to the point of crisis--and it doens't need to. I too had normal CT, normal U/S, etc. etc. etc. and just was told 'IBS'--even by two GI docs. Finally b/c of this website (Nina) I figured out I needed the HIDA with CKK and voila! But, I had to FIGHT to even get that test ordered. It shouldn't happen this way.

Okay, off my soap box. Do doctors forget that young people can get sick? And that young women are not always neurotic and hypocondriacs??? Uh-oh---I'm gonna get edited!

Keep us posted: You are officially the new 'green girl' until you get the 'ol GB out! (are you green/yellow in color? I was!)

Love, Em

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I can say I had mine removed in 1998. I was so sick. I was in the hospital for a week. After they removed my galballder I felt better right away. I would not worry about the % yet. Wait till you talk to the doctor.

I wish you the best of luck, let us know what you find out.


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I happily had my dysfunctional gallbladder removed in 1992--and have many, many happy days after it was gone. ;) I still have the occasional gi spasm, but nothing like what it was when still in me hiccupping out bile all willy nilly.


Oh, and the 4% means that 4% of your gb's bile was sent down to your stomach to aide digestion. That leaves 96% of the bile that your gb was supposed to send on toward your stomach stuck in the gallbladder instead. Basically, you've got stuff stuck in there and that's why your gb continues to spasm and give you pain...the bile hasn't moved onward in it's journey for each day.


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Hey Wareagle!

You know the scoop--make sure the anasthesiologist is also in on the situation and you can get extra fluids BEFORE surgery and after! Your hospital stay might be a couple of days longer, but in the end, you will be so glad to get rid of the darned thing.

I hope the surgeon is good--and has an appt for surgery SOON!

I couldn't eat anything either before my surgery.

I think you might have us all beat with that ejection fraction! Yikes!


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Guest Julia59

Good luck wareagle------------------I think you will feel so much better once that sick gall bladder is out of you. The surgery that have now to remove GBs is much less invasive, and a shorter hospital stay. My husband's sister Lisa had hers out on a Thursday---went home the same day, and was back to work on the following Tuesday. she doesn't have dysautonomia though. But you get the picture, I just think it takes us a little longer to recover from the anesthesia

WOW----4% is pretty bad..............The hyda scan is great for showing just how bad things really are. Not everyone makes gall stones----so ultra sounds are not always the best choice in testing with on going GB problems. by the way My husband's sister had a hyda scan also. Her Docs kept blowing her off. When they did the ultra sound and told her nothing was wrong with her gall bladder she cried right in front of them-----then they told her she was too anxious about the whole thing. She was persistant---and made them give her the hyda-scan. Her gall bladder was not working---and it was full of sludge.

I think all the GI issues that come with dysautonomia don't help the GB much---it seems like a lot of dysautonomia folks get their gall bladders out. Mine works 60%----according to the hyda-scan I had in 2001. I'll take it! It still works---but I know some day it will have to come out. I eat such a low fat diet that my HDL cholesterol numbers are real low--27-----eek------But at least my gall bladder works fairly well. So I'll need to improve my HDL by eating the good fats----better to upset the GB---then to let my arteries clog------- :) I'm no goodie two shoes-----the sugar I eat raises my triglycerides---------- ;)

It is terrible the way Docs blow us off-------Emily---you should have never had to go through that.

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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Surgery is scheduled for NEXT Thurs. (not tomorrow). The doc. said I should be fine untill then...I just hope my poor gallbladder will behave. I'm definately more sore today than I have been..I'm just going to try and relax and get some rest..maybe that will help.

Love to you all!!

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Hey girl!

Did you like the surgeon? I hope so....

Will you be getting extra fluids (yes, I am Jewish worrier! :D)

Thanks for touching base...I know a week seems like forever...I didn't think I would make it either when I had to wait...but I did! :)

I was so ready for it to come out though I told them not to give me a sedative! I was just sooo ready for that surgery!


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My GB ejection fraction was less than 10% about 15 years ago. I have documented thickened walls, sludge, multiple gallstones, and at least one attack a week. They will not remove mine unless my liver enzymes go up, never mind the nausea, belching, pressure, pain.

I am really glad they are going to remove yours. I am thinking you are going to feel so much better. You will be in my thoughts and I will be "green" with envy....morgan

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just wanted to wish you luck tomorrow for the surgery.

i haven't had a chance to chime in until now but was glad to see you got a relatively quick answer with the HIDA scan & a quick surgery date.

i'm sure you've read some of my ramblings in the past gallbladder posts but i can definitely empathize, though i think you're the first to "beat" my 6% ejection fraction :unsure: i know, lame humor...

good bye naughty gallbladder!

:unsure: melissa

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Boy can I relate. What is wrong with some of these doctors? Young females who look healthy are always dismissed as anxiety cases. I too had several ultrasounds which did not show gallstones. My friend's mother was experiencing the same attacks I had and she told me to ask for a HIDA scan. I also had to beg for the test but it turned out that my ejection fraction was somewhere around twenty percent. I had my gallbladder out last July and the pathology report stated that it was severely diseased. Just a note of FYI- I had a tremendous amount of shoulder pain after the operation. It was due to the gas they use during the procedure, however, I would have liked to know this ahead of time. Just remember it does go away and it is perfectly normal. Best of luck to you.

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