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Dizziness Question


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Hi! I was wondering what others dizziness/lightheadedness feels like? Does anyone have the sensation, especially when laying down, that your head is rocking or that waves are rushing through your head in addition to that can't think lightheadedness when upright. I know that in some articles they say that symptoms resove upon laying down but I haven't found that to be the case. Or is this due to a high resting heart rate too? Susan

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i get the feeling daily that i feel like i am moving even when I am not moving.. it feels like I am on a boat that is floating in the water.. and i get the feeling that the bed is mvoing when I lay in it as well..

I asked about this feeling dizzy thing even while laying down.. and I was told that "technically" pots is suppose to only make you dizzy when you sit up or stand up.. but that you "can" get a combo or vertigo dizziness and pots dizziness even while laying down..

if your resting rate is higher then you are used to.. or high in general.. I would think that it may casue you to feel dizzy too.. b/c its pumping faster.. and stuff..

take care susan!!



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I feel this way too. I'm usually ok if I lay down on my stomach, but being on my back will make me dizzy everytime.

I get really dizzy while standing, but still get dizzy when sitting or laying down.

My resting heart rate also tends to be too high.


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My most irritating dizziness is when I am driving. I often pray myself to work and have to concentrate so hard to just make it to work and back. Summer time is the worst for me, as I hate the heat. My pots goes crazy in summer. The Dizziness never leaves you, you just learn to live with it and know when to take it serious or not. :)

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I am dizzy or have vertigo 24/7, no matter what position I'm in.

The type can vary. I get very light headed when up. After I faint, I have vertigo like when I have a meneires attack, ugh, that is the worst. I am dizzy lying down, more if I'm on my left side than my right.

Sometimes it feels like the room is shifting, and sometimes it feels like I am. It is all bad, and it doesn't correlate with my heart rate. I don't one single thing in my body is connected to any other thing in it!! :) But, anywhoo, yup dizzy while lying down too........morgan

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