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Made It Thought The Heart Walk To Day!


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Hello All,

Well I did it; I made it though the Heart Walk today in Des Moines. I had to due it in the wheelchair, which I really didn?t want to due, but I guess it is better to show up and turn in the money, and walk ?roll? in the walk. It was kind of odd though as last year I was able to walk like it was nothing, and this year I was short of breath and needed to push part of the way. O?well I guess that is life this POTS. I guess the good side of I didn?t let it stop me, I still went ahead and did the walk this year!

Please keep your figures crossed form me and my husband. We will get his test results back on Tuesday, from his echo, and stress test. They made him go to the hospital on Friday, and have more test run, as our family doctor thinks there is more going on, in the last 3 month he has gained 20 plus pounds, and his bp went from normal to 141/101. Plus he is having problems with a lot of sob. So we are hoping the test results come back clear, and he just has to loose some weight. Also the put him on Torpol XL, for the high bp.

Also I go back to the doctor on April 27, and day after my b-day. We are hoping to go head and get schedule for another EP study and ablation to fix the SVPT, and replacing the pacer. They are also going to be starting Erythropoietin. I am a little worried about starting this med, I am going to ask if we can try IV fluids first, and I get odd reaction to meds, and with injection it?s hard on the body. So I am just worried and uptight, I am also hoping that my insurance will allow a new pacer as mine is only 2 years old, but the doctor, said last time in march, this one does not have the setting I need for what?s going on. So I am hoping everything will work out.

Sorry for going on, but I thought I would give you all an update on what?s going on!

Talk to you all later! ;)


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Hi Amy,

Good for you! I'm glad to hear you still walked (rolled). It doesn't matter how you did it, it's the fact you did it! You deserve the same credit regardless.

Wishing you and your family the best, (fingers crossed)


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