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Surgery Cancelled


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last week i had to see my gyn to talk about the hysterectomy i was scheduled for. as i had to wait for an hour and couldn't sit anymore i was very sick when he finally called me in. after using meds (forgot the name of course) i told him that i hadn't had a mensturuation for 3 weeks, so maybe things were okay again (i have a hormone coil which makes that i don't menstruate but it seemed that it didn't work anymore and that's why we decided to do the surgery). he adviced me to cancel the hysterectomy and whenever i would start menstruating i could call him and he would schedule me in again and surgery would be done. as i was too sick to argue (and glad i might not have to do the hysterectomy as i'm so scared for anesthesia) i agreed and of course 4 days later . . .

on top of that, my very dear grandmom (85) died very suddenly. i know she was old, but she was such a great lady. she has 5 children, 8 grandchildren and 12 great grand children. she knew everything about all of us and always had something nice to tell about her (great) grandchildren. she knew everything about politics and loved reading (which she learned all of us is so very important). we often called (as she lives on an hour drive) and we talked about the books we read. 4 years ago (when she had open heart surgery) she called me and told me that she was so sad that she was doing so well after surgery and i was doing so bad. i will miss her very very much.

on friday i will go to her funeral, no matter what. surgery has to wait until i'm feeling better (physically and emotionally).

thanks for listening, i just needed to let you know,


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Hi Corina,

I'm sorry for your loss, it's never easy. Hang in there and I hope everything works out for you whether you have to have sugery or not.


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when my grandmother died, we had just become friends as opposed to just relatives, and were talking often. It was really hard to adjust to losing her--I remember how badly I felt again at each holiday.

My first birthday after her passing, it hit me the hardest--she always made such a big deal about birthdays, and I went to my mailbox excited for my card from her, which always had beautiful words that made me feel special. I ran to the box that day and then started crying, because for those few moments on my way to the box, I had forgotten she wasn't here anymore. My sister and I talked and she told me the same thing had happened to her; we agreed that she must still be watching over us and giving us a happy message on our birthday. :)

Regardless of how long someone has lived, it can be difficult to say goodbye. Time helps, but doesn't make the feeling of loss completely go away. I hope you can give yourself the time you need to adjust. Also, expect that the emotional part of this event may take a toll on you physically... emotional stress and physical stress both tend to make POTS symptoms flare up. Hang in there, all of us here are thinking of you.

As for the postponement of the surgery--maybe it's a blessing in disguise? Surgery is yet another big physical stressor on your already stressed body. A little extra time may either help your issues get better on their own--or allow you some time to prepare physically.

I'm thinking of you. :) Nina

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