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Hello All,

Have any of you had to go for a Medical Examination? Whats really dumb I have to wait till May 5, to go. To top it off I think it this a mental health person. I am not sure why. It was really odd last week I get a letter wanting to know more about when I went to treatment, and who do I see for Depression and so on. I don't get it as I am apply for SSDI on the bases of POTS. Is this them just following up as my treatment, and depression is in my medical files. I guess I should be happy they are still working on my claim and that are still looking into everything but I am not sure while they are going this way, when there is more then enough into that I have POTS, and that the doctor told me not to work.

Is this normal? Or do you think this is just the SSDI run around?

Thanks for the support!


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Since Dysautonomia doesn't fit in a neat category, they are bound to ask lots of questions.

Are you applying for the initial soc sec?

I didn't have to see one of their docs back in 1990 but at the time I was seeing a psychiatrist to HELP get my SS..she was good at wording things.

And at scaring the **** out of me of what to expect in court if I got denied...but I would rather somebody be straight forward and upfront than all happy and 'it's going to be fine, dear.'

So maybe they want you to see one of their counselors because of that...it's a joke but I go thru it on reviews all the time.


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Thanks for the help, yes this is my frist time. I appyled on 1/20/06. I been getting the run around, from we are still looking at medical information to not this. I don't want to get my hopes up at all. I just need to get the money sooner then later. I am going to call my EP doctor on Monday and go ahead with surgery. To go in and remove scare tissue, and fine toon, form the last surgery and go ahead with a new pacer.... Long story but they said my pacer is not the right one for whats going on. I fiunger this way I have done everthing in my power to try to get back my life. How knows maybe this will be the on thing that allows me to get back to work. If not by the nice I have my appointment I will be crasy! :D

Again thanks for all the help!


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I applied for SSDI Oct. 2005 and they just told me that they wanted to send me to a psych eval to see if it would help my claim. Luckily I went for Medicaid in Jan and just got those records so I won't have to wait a few more weeks/months....I don't think it is the run around I think it just "helps" your claim out if you have some sort of anxiety issue like I do..LOL. Good luck!


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