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Heart problems

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I posted this at the end of a different email chain ... but here are my ideas about your question:

No, not everyone with POTS has heart problems--and here, I assume you mean structural problems with the heart. The tachycardia that comes from pots (the "T" in pots) is not considered a heart problem.

I had a full battery of cardiac tests when I was diagnosed with POTS (via tilt table test, which is the diagnostic test) and other tests of the autonomic nervous system. They needed to determine the reason for my tachycardia and rule out inappropriate sinus tachycardia (IST), cardiac conditions that can cause rapid heart rate, and other health problems (thyroid, tumor on adrenal gland, etc.) Mine was structurally sound and healthy and of normal size and all that.

The heart's response to insufficient constriction of the veins in the legs upon standing (or even sitting up for some people), which is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, is to beat fast to get the blood back up to the brain and upper extremities. Sometimes the heart's response can be exaggerated, beating faster than it would need to. (It's all rather complicated...) And I know that some people with POTS do have structural problems with the heart and other heart conditions. But it is certainly not the case that everyone with pots has heart problems.

For a number of people (and perhaps in your case), surgery can be a trigger for pots symptoms; statistically, these people get better in a few years.

Hope this helps,


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Other than tachycardia, nope, some people have nothing else wrong. For example, I have POTS but have no heart problems other than tachy. However, I have a host of other relate problems, most of which involve my GI system.

Nina :)

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No, I don't have any heart problems, either, except for the tachycardia and orthostatic hypotension. I had all the tests that Merrill had, and all of my organs are as healthy as a twenty-year old's. (I think they were being kind.) :)

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I was diagnosed originally with PSTV, STV. inappropriate sinus tach, afib and aflutter - this after the birth of my second child.. i too had 1 ablasion last June and 9 in July - became even sicker - then diagnosed with 3rd degree heart block and now a permanent pace maker .. was diagnosed with POTS last month - i think the ablasions may have been the nail in my coffin - i have never felt worse and am unable to tolerate any meds.. i wish i would have known about POTS sooner.....and am soo thankful that i found this site.

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