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Slightest Change Cause Anyone Anxiety?


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i wanted to know if any of you feel like this and how you cope, other than taking xanax, even though i hate the life i have, the routine i have, even the littlest change in what is familiar causes alot of anxiety, i feel calmer when i know what to expect, whether it relates to how my body responds to something, or some other external factor involving family. i have never been a spontaneous person, but after getting sick i have a terrible time adapting to any change, and any surprises make me anxious, nervous and i dont want to be like this, since i dont want to live like this, and want change, but dont know how to adapt and cope when even a good change happens, not that any good changes have happened, but if they do, how do i adjust mentally? hope someone can understand and relate to what i am saying, thanks for all your support


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I know it can be hard to go with the flow, but life itself is never the way we would like it to be.

I get frustrated over the silly things or things that should be cute and funny.

Like when my two year old son desides he wants to change his own diaper and he's running around with it hanging off him.........that should be funny, but for me it's a mess I have to clean up. I'm thinking only about how tierd I am not about the stepping stones my children go through. The misstakes they make so they can learn and so on, can really be hard on my energy bank.

I can look back after the fact and enjoy it, but while I'm dealing with it right then I forget to go with the flow.

I guess what I'm trying to say is your not alone. I can be near tears most of the time because of the road blocks we get dropped in our laps.

I'm usually ok if I'm not on a time limmit. If I am, nothing seems to go right.

I'm not sure if this is how you feel, but I hope you feel calmer knowing your not the only one who gets anxious.

Have you tried yoga? I find it calming and you can do what you feel comfortable with. I do have my dizzy spells every so often but not enough to stop me. I also count to 10, take deep breaths, go to my room for a time out "by myself". It doesen't make it go away, but It does make me feel better.

Good luck and I'm sending you some calming vibes...........hope it helps :D


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Go easy on yourself. Having this ailment means we have to respond to more changes than anyone I know. Our bodies are out of control - no idea from one minute to the next how we'll do.

That could stress out anyone's coping mechanism.

Hang in there.


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For most of us I think our bodies are just so oversensitive that yes, even the slightest change, and sometimes noise etc, can set us off, increase the anxiety, whatever.

I know I am that way. If I finally get used to feeling a certain way and something new pops up, the anxiety increases ten-fold.

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Guest sonotech

You arent alone! I have the exact same problem!

I ALWAYS have to know IN ADVANCE of EVERYTHING, even the little stuff. I stress out if someone comes over to my house un-announced, if my husband makes dinner plans without telling me, heck even having get togethers like b-day parties and holidays really freaks me out.

My husband has always referred to it as a "social anxiety disorder" (jokingly) but I have not always been this way.

I think we are so thouroughly exhausted with just the SIMPLE daily tasks of life, and when someone throws even a "little" something else at us then it can be overwhelming.

I would ALSO like to change this part of me,


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One thing that has helped me get through that part when I was real sick was to put myself in the dreaded situations so that I could realize that no matter what I would be ok

If I was having the worst day in the world and planned on not going anywhere but then realized that I HAD to go ut and get such and such b.c noone was around to do it... I wouidl just go for it..... The I woudl realize I made it...I did ok... and life didnt stop...

Although I dont condone driving to those who feel dizzy etc..

That is just an example....

even having company over...... I would just do it...and I finally realized that no matter what I thought the outcome in my head it was never as bad.....

Hope this helps some????

Take Care ;)

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I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Since POTS the worse symptom for me has been the anxiety. Some of it started out as just plain fear of not knowing what was happening to me before my diagnosis. My big fear became going to far from home. As my first symtoms of POTS were making driving difficult. I had a 20 minute drive to work, which was always a great thing for me, as I worked near my favorite area of a Park. The last 10 minutes of my drive was through a somewhat isolated area and I was so afraid of the feeling of I might pass out and being alone that it became to much for me. I had severe dizzy spells and weakness and all this caused me to quite my job. I got so bad, that last summer I rarely drove myself anywhere and had countless horrible panic attacks. Xanax was a godsend for me as it helped me when I felt panic coming on and it made driving at least somewhat bareable. So was being diagnosed and finding out that most of my symptoms were just all this adrenaline racing thru me and learning to get past the feelings and not to become afraid. As it was the fear of the fearful feelings that were fueling the panic and continueing the cycle, and me avoiding things only escallated matters. POTS has sensitized me considerably. My alarm clock going off can create anxiety that may take me hours to come down from. I don't do well under stress and I notice my body responds over exageratingly where i didn't before. The best thing I did for me was learn all I could and still try to about POTS, I found a good psychologist who understands and has taught me stratigies to handle things. Your fear feeds your anxiety. Learning not to fear the feelings anxiety brings on breaks the cycle and helps you to better cope. I still have anxiety, not as bad as several months ago, but now I have at least knowledge that it can't hurt me and it will pass. It's also good to have a good friend or two to talk to. Take it slowly and don't be to hard on yourself. Give yourself time to adjust and get some good rest, it really helps. A good author, which has really helped me is Claire Weekes, there are some tapes by her also, that are very informative and comforting to listen to. Many times I have taken her tapes and listened to them in the car and they really helped with the anxiety and fear. She explains anxiety and how to overcome it. In Feb Dr. Grubb started me on celexa, a very small dose, I think it has also helped reduce my anxiety. I do hope you will be feeling better soon.

Take Care


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i cant thank you all enough for your replies, it is nice to know i am not alone in reacting to the smallest change from what is familiar. i have tried meditation, but just cant seem to stick to it! too much of problem with a racing mind!! thinking only stops when i sleep, laura, what you described is exactly what i feel, but all of you helped, and i thank you again for replying, if any new ideas come up on how to overcome this or at least better cope with this, please let me know, i cant travel to see a counselor, or i definately would, and i cant tolerate any SSRI's, thank God my family, especially mom, is so understanding and doesnt spring any surprises on me!!


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