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Prengnacy- any tips??

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Hi all

I wasn't sure whether which section to put this one in, I've never used the chit chat forum before so I hope you find it ok!!

I am 7 weeks pregnant (early days so trying not to get too excited!) and looking for tips on how to manage pregnancy with Vasovagal Syncope and PoTS. I have visited my GP who did nothing but scare me about the risks of black outs on the baby but he doesn't really understand dysautonomias so I'm not worrying too much. I have my first antinatal appointment next week and I am also visiting my Neuro to discuss so if there is any advice that you could give me to pass on to the midwife that would be great! Anything that was good or bad for you would really help!

Many thanks


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I am not a doctor but I can speak from my experience. I actually felt generally better when I was pregnant. I did get the near syncope a few times, later in the pregnancy, and found that the added weight of the baby made stopping the syncope a bit harder. Sitting down no longer mitigated it and I had to experiment with laying down positions that helped. But other than that I had an easier time w/ the dysautonomia...now morning sickness was a different thing entirely. lol

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Congratulations, how wonderful. <_<

My doc thinks the birth of my first child brought on my POTS,(I got up after the delivery and fainted) but I did not know it until much later. I can remember having terrible aching legs, so would suggest the support hose, elevation etc. Regular rests are essential and not pushing yourself too hard. After the birth of my second child, I went straight onto a saline drip and did not leave my bed for 24hours. It made a huge difference to my recovery. It was a battle with the nurses who kept telling me to get up and have a walk, but I knew that if I laid low it would help, and it did. I had horrendous morning sickness with all 3, but don't let that put you off! It's all worth it. I would just keep on with what you're doing, but be extra careful that you don't overdo it. Good luck and keep us informed.

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Congratulations! How exciting! Are you due around October?

I recommend:

? Extra salt and lots of extra fluids. Amniotic fluid is salt water, and is replaced every three hours. Your blood volume must increase 40% during pregnancy. And, I agree with staying well-hydrated during labor and delivery, a drip is ideal.

? Extra protein: I took Bradley Method childbirth classes, and Dr. Bradley discovered that many pregnancy complications can be averted with adequate protein.

? Dress in layers, so you can peel some off as you get too hot.

? Don?t ever be without your seat stick.

? Expect people to ignore all propriety and pat your tummy when you start to show as if you were on public display, and resist the urge to beat them with your seat stick. (Maybe it's just a US thing.)

? Knit booties, thanks to your nan!

? Lastly, prepare to fall in love with someone you?ve never seen before! Build a great baby!

BTW: Your artwork is impressive and I wish you well in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

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Thanks everyone that is great advice!!!

I am definately going to take your advice on the saline/glucose drip I am sure that would really help me although it is looking like I am going to have to have a c/section (and they want it to be under general anaethetic which I am not happy about) but I am visting my Neuro on wednesday so he can convince my midwife that I an epidural will be safe. (any advice you may have on that would be great!)

As for everything else-

no, your bump becoming public property isn't just a US thing!! EVERYONE here has warned me about that too!!

My nan taught me to knit last year when I was stuck in bed for ages so I'll be okay on the booties (she'll have to knit anything bigger as my concentration span is nill!!).

I already take my seat stick everywhere although I am worried I wont be able to resist beating people with it! I am already starting to loose my temper really easily!!!

You also mentioned keeping salt intake up. I was managing really well- infact feeling better that pre-pregnancy when I was on my high salt diet but my GP (who knows nothing about dysautonomias) told me that was dangerous for the baby. I gave up my salt and have felt awful as a result. Did you continue with the salt safely during pregnancy? I am hoping that my neuro lets me go back on the salt next week.

Apart from all of the above I am finding pregnancy great- even the morning/ any time of the day sickness- though I might not be saying that by this time next month! I feel honoured to be pregnant, having previously been told its not possible, and its nice to suffer morning sickness and spending all of my time on the loo not because of pots! Millions of women feel exactly the same and I actually feel semi normal for


Thanks again everyone- I hope you are all feeling well and I will definately keep you posted!!!

Luv Katie

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I felt worse with POTS during pregnancy. Hopefully you will feel a lot better as it progresses.

A lot of women feel worse post partum, so you may want to be prepared for that--mainly, that you have a support system in place to help you with the baby.

Regarding the salt intake, perhaps the doctor is concerned about preeclampsia? You might need to seek another opinion from another doctor. I greatly increased salt in the 2nd trimester and it helped me to feel almost normal for awhile. I did develop pregnancy-induced hypertension in the final DAYS of my pregnancy--my daughter was born post-term.


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congrats on the pregnancy!

I had a c-section with both my children but didn't know I had POTS at the time. My first went very well with an epidural but my second they did a spinal tap. Didn't go over to well with the second. They were in longer then they thought because I had my tubes tied(for health reasons). They had a hard time finding everything and the spinal ended up wearing off. They gave me gas (laughing) for the pain but it made me sick.

I should have stayed in the hospital an extra day but was so thrilled at the chance to go home I went.

It took me a little longer to heal the second time too but I had other issues I was dealing with because of the other c- section prier.

Listen to your body and drink plenty of water. As for morning sickness, they say the sicker you are the healthier the baby :) Mine was so bad I had to be given meds. so I could at least hold down water.

Good luck and many wishes,


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I was 24 when I started with my POTS episodes, and had two children dispite the illness. I felt great in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of my pregnancy. It put the POTS and CFS into remission for me. I hope it will do the same for you.

I had a hard time immediately following the birth of my first daughter, but stayed in remission for 8 months after the birth of my second daughter. I had a wonderful MD that sat my husband (who is also wonderful) down and explained that he would need to take on a lot of the chores around the house if I was going to get better and take care of the children. It has not been easy, but I have two wonderful children that make all the stuggle worth while.

Best of Luck to you. I wish you the opportunity to feel good. :)


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Thanks its great to hear a positive story! My docs also suspect pregncany will help my POTS/VVS so I just have to keep my fingers crossed!

So far so good (as long as I am munching on a ginger biscuit and there is always sausages and chillis in the fridge to control my cravings!)

Thanks again!

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Oh my god!


Will you let me know how you get on being pregnant? my boyfriend and i have been discussing children as i really want kids, at the moment though he says that he wouldn't have a child with me because he doesn't think i'll be able to cope because i sleep so much at the moment and i'm always tired and i don't have a job. This upset me because i am soo much better than i was last year, like i've had over a month without a collapse!!

so please let me know how you get on, i am so broody at the moment!

luv becks x x x

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Hi Becky

Thanks for your message! I had exactly the same trouble as you last year. I was sleeping 16+ hours per day and have been unable to work for over a year so we never believed I'd be able to cope with pregnancy and then caring for a baby. But so far so good. My Neurologist actually reccomended pregnancy for me as a potential cure (although that was not my reason for it as I was already very broody!). Don't give in on the idea yet!! I have had to have a lot of extra help from my hubby but mainly due to awful morning/all day sickness and not being able to cope with the smells when cooking for myself!! I've been in bed by 8.30pm most nights which has been a bit of an inconvenience I sopose as my husband doesnt get home til 7pm we barely see each other but its all worth it!! Since I got pregnant my POTS and VVS has almost disapeared so as long as you have got good support and your willing to put up with nausea that makes you wonder why you ever complained about POTS then it is possible and its great to feel 'normal' again!!

Hope things work out well for you too!! I'll keep you updated!

Luv Katie

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