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Increase in symptoms


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Hi everybody,

I'm presently at Mayo getting testing done.

I don't know, I seem to just keep feeling sicker, with more symptoms.

I'm not sure if they are all from Pots.

The latest symptom is skin dents. I've been getting them all over my body and they are taking awhile to go away. Any type of pressure seems to be causing them presently.

Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

My testing should be all done after tomorrow. It's been quite trying.

Thanks Traci

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Hi Traci,

You seem to be describing "pitting oedema" which as far as I know is not the blood pooling type we see in some POTS .

Sorry you are still struggling with so many odd symptoms.

However you are in the best place in the world to get answers so ask lots of questions and hopefully they will be able to give you answers and start you on a treatment program.

My thoughts are with you.


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Just wanted to wish you good luck with your testing, as well as a safe trip home.


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HI, Traci! Are you still here at Mayo? I work at Mayo and would LOVE to meet you! Hope you see this post before you leave. Not sure if I am supposed to do this, but you can contact me via the Mayo phone... just call the operator and ask for Rachelle Hoffman.

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