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Hi guys,

Does anyone else out there have a friend whose completely spoiled in every aspect??? I do! Her parents pay for everything for her (college, gave her their SUV, pay for car insurance, give her spending money, and even give her 80 bucks for an oil change!). Anyhow yesterday I drove to the car wash and she came along so I was looking at the sign to see which type to get. So I said oh I might as well pay a dollar more and get such and such wash for my car, then she rudely says "well, I'm not paying for that" I didn't even ask her too!!!!! Most of the time I am too proud to ask or even take money from anyone.

She really has gotten to me lately esp since I have no money and my family doesn't have alot of money to help me out, and I honestly wouldn't even ask anyone too. So then she begins to go on about how her parents cut her off....I don't see how she had been cut off...they still buy her Coach bags, pay for all her bills, and give her spending money...is that being cut off??? Anyhow, my sister and I had a small fight, basically she hung up on me for no reason, nothing unusual...so my friend got in the middle of it. So I told her off sort of. :D I just told her that she isn't cut off because her parents still pay for everything and that I did NOT ask her for any money the other day.

I guess I am stressed out lately, waiting for the disability decision, worrying about bills, feeling horrible, and not being able to do much about it.

Anyhow, just curious to see if anyone else out there has a friend like this and how you deal! :)

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I don't have a friend like that, but I do undetstand the feeling about waiting on disabilty. I am so uptight about my answer. Trying to get ready for a no, but have now idea how I am going to handle the no. You see I made up over 1/2 of my husband and mine income, plus I carried the insurence. Now I have not worked since the 1st of the year, and our saving is almost gone, I am getting very worried and upptight, and find myself losing it very easy due to the stress. I am just trying to tell myself to stay calm. That if it does go though I can fight it, but I understand the feel. I wish you the best of luck and I am hear if you need to vent.


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I dont have a freind like that, but I do have an old High school friend that seems to have a smooth, effortless life...

I have known her since we were 12 years old, and she has never had any type of trauma in any way in her lifetime.. Everything has gone smooth sailing..... Great home Life with Parents together, paid for her college and expenses...got into her dream college, got the perfect job right out of Graduation, met and married a nice guy, built their dream home, and even now eveything they do just goes well .....

I have trouble with it sometimes b.c It just seems so unfair, when in my 34 years I have had so much difficulty....

Anyway I do sympathize....and no time is more stressful than waiting on dissability...

That is such a hard thing to do.. I have been there.

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AARRGH, i hate spoiled people!!

i know what you mean about friends who have everything and still moan. i admit that i am quite spoiled myself, in that i'm really lucky with my parents that they do help me out, but i don't ask for their help and i don't expect it, i am so grateful to them, they took me in when my relationship failed and decorated my old room so i'd feel comfortable there. they are wonderful parents and they look after me really well.

Anyway, sorry went off on a tangent, waiting for disability descion is horrid. i live in the uk and i now have disability living allowance and incapacity benefit, the DLA is for ten years that gets paid no matter what but the incapacity benefit gets renewed every year.

i had to fill in the new forms a couple of months ago and then i had to have a medical assesment, i'm not good with paperwork! so anyway i had the assesment and had to wait three weeks for the descision, which felt like three years! i've been so much better recently and i had hoped that it would say that i had passed and i could go back to work but they said that i failed and so i'm still not working. but i figure this just gives me time to find out exactly what i want to do.

i know i'm not ready for work yet, i am still sleeping fourteen hours a night and then i need a nap, hmm can't see an office that'll let me dribble on the keyboard whilst i have a nap!!

good luck with your decision and don't let your friend get you down, she probably doesn't even realise that she is so spoiled, they kind of get used to it.

becks x x x

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