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TB skin test


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Since Chrissy is going into teaching, she is required to have a TB skin test. She had a TB shot in 1998 and the Dr.'s office says it's good for 10 years, but she needs to have a skin test every year. I was just reading that you might not get a true reading if you are taking a corticosteriod. She's on florinef and can't go off of it for any length of time.

Just wondered if anyone with POTS and/or is on florinef, has taken the skin test. I don't know if this is something she needs to bring up to the school or not. I'll call the Dr.'s office in the morning to see what they say.

Also, if anyone's had the test, did you have any reactions to it. When Chrissy had the test she didn't have POTS.



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I had a two tests for TB a few years ago before I was dx'd with POTs. I reacted badly to the first test and mild to moderate reaction on the second test. However I do NOT have TB. I had chest x-rays as well. The doctor said it's not an extremely accurate test as many people can have reactions to the test, especially if you have any autoimmune disorders or if your immune system is just overly sensitive.


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I had a test last year when I had a horrible cough before they realized I had GERD.. I wasn't on Florinef at the time, but the test was fine- no problems getting it or with the results.

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Hi Patti,

Even if she does have a positive TB test, they usually follow it up with a chest x-ray to make sure no TB is present. i have a friend who does not have TB, but as a fellow nursing student she has to be tested every year and she always is positive (I forget the reason) anyway, she gets the chest x-ray and it's no problem.

Hope this helps!

Lulu <_<

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Once you've had a positive reading, you should never get another skin test. Even if it's a false positive. It can cause necrosis of the skin.

TB tests however are very safe. I've never heard of a Tb shot. Do you mean the test itself?

I had a positive read in 1981. now if they absolutely need one, I just get a chest x ray. they made me do INH for 9 months. But nothing has ever shown up on x ray, so they think it was a false positive. morgan

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