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I picked up a pamphlet for you this morning at Dr. Grubbs office/it is pretty informative, perfect to give to someone who just doesn't get it. I picked up extras for myself. :D you can email me at breystarr@aol.com I'll just mail to you

Hope you are having a great day


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Wouldn't happen to have a scanner would you? I was thinking you could scan it and we could print it off?

Just a suggestion, I know alot of us will be curious to see what it says and I figure my Dr would be interested in it also.( He struggles to get even his Dr friends to take this seriously!)

Thanks ,Deanna

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No prob.

If anyone wants a copy please email me at Breystarr@aol.com

I will make copies and send them out. the pamphlet is titled

What you need to know about Dysautonomias and it is actually from NDRF

written by

David Goldstein

Blair Grubb

Phillip Low

David Robertson

Irwin Schatz

what this 11 page pamplet goes over is

OIS, POTS, OI Symptoms, Management, Prognosis

Shy Drager, Symptoms, Longterm Outlook

PAF, Symptoms and Management, Difference between PAF and POTs

NCS, Symptoms and Management

What is the Autonomic Nervous System

Health Tips

Coping Techniques

Basic Tips

Research Facilities

Catecholamine Disorders

NDRF Mission Statement

I have already shown it to my sister, (AKA its only a panic attack) All she said was WOW, sorry.


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