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does this happen to you?

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One more question.. I am wondering.. I have noticed that when I stand up or sit up.. that that will cause my stomach/guts to hurt way more then they do when I am laying down..

I kinda think that the tummy hurting more whn standing makes sense..b/c of ans issues.. and all that stress and what not..but it will hurt so badly.. and most times will cause me to be physically ill (be it vomitting..severe nausea.. or severe diarrhea.. :( ).. granted I experience these symptoms laying down as well.. but they typically arent as severe as they can get durng being vertical..

i was just wondering if any of you have thoughts on this? or experince or notice this??

I'm wondering if it is a blood pooling issue in my abdomon.. and if maybe a compression garment for the tummy would help?? I dont know i feel like I am trying to find a needle in a hay stack!! :) :) :):(



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yep me too. The amazing standing stomach cramps that magically lesson when I lay down..

Sometimes it is just a weird yucky feeling too and that definately goes away when I lay down.

Hey, does anyone think they can see their tummy poke out more when they have been standing for a few minutes?? I swear sometimes mine does...

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I am the nausea queen here. I think it is the blood rushing to your gi system and everything starting to move when you stand up. I get aweful pain in my belly, especially when I first get up, then im nauseaus. Like constant morning sickness.

I always sit up in bed for at least 10 min before i get up for several reasons, bp, belly, dizzy..... I try to take a sip of water to get my gi system moving. Tis helps but i have still not found a way to stop the pain or nausea.


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yeah.. the pain is usuaully starting while i am laying down.. and like instantaniously it gets worse when my body goes upright..geesh! I often will find myself saying "I LOVE MY BODY" "I love my body".. and then think no I dont love my body it hurts!!"

I too get horribly intense pain... and have severe nausea all the time.. I told my boyfriend the other day.. that if I ever got pregnant that I dont think I would know b/c I feel yucky all the time anyways.. so how would I tell the diference!! LOL :lol:

I find that I lean forward and rock back and forth. when i get like tis.. I do it kinda automatically.. doesnt really do anything.. but oh well..

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I've been having this symptom for years, last year had a BUNCH of useless tests that told me nothing. ended up changing diet and treating IBS, cause we don't know what else to call it. It's better now, but I still get it now & then. It goes away when I lay back down (on my belly on a pillow or rolled into a ball) and sometimes when I sip some water or soy milk. Slowly. Everything seems to have to be s-l-o-w-l-y when that pain & nausea hits. i started keeping starlite mints (the peppermint kind) by my bed to help with dry mouth and also with nausea. ginger is supposed to be good too. And heating pads help with the tummy pain too. My husband says the side of my bed is like a warlord's horde with all my stuff piled up for sleeping, waking, cold & hot, fainting, pain, thirst, nausea, vomiting. Yeah, right, the POTS warlord! Behold my treasure trove! :lol:

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(((((laughing!!!)))) yeah my boyfriend cant understadn why I need so many pillows upagainst the wall.. and the large amount of blankets that I have on the bed.. the pillows are so that i can prop my leg up on something when i am on my side.. and the blankets are for "comfort" as well as to keep me warm.. on the nights and days that i cant get warm... then the days taht i cant stand anyhting b/c I'm too hot.. they work good to Prop up the legs too...kinda funny..LOL

I think my GI stuff is autonomic.. and possibly other things if a dco would really look outside there scope of thinking and thought process!!!..

oh well maybe one I will stand up and feel nothing!! like a normal person!! isnt that wishfull thinking :o:lol::)

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