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Spent Tuesday night in ER


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For the third time since Thanksgiving I spent the night in the ER. I started vomiting and could not stop until they gave me IV fluids and several large doses of Zofran. This is the third time that i've been in the ER with the same symptoms in 4 months. Everytime they tell me that it's the stomach flu, which I know it isn't. When I went to see the GI doc about it he gave me hyoscamine a medicine that is supposed to alleviate cramps and diarrhea and I have Zofran tablets already. None of this medication does me any good because these "episodes" come on so quickly that I don't have time to take any medicine beforehand. THIS is why I feel nervous/anxious to leave my house (as i've posted about several times recently.) Does this happen to anyone else? I have an appt with my POTS dr in the morning. But this doc never addresses the GI issues so i'm not very hopeful about it.... i'm just miserable and so weak and tired.

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I don't have anything like this either so I don't have any great words of wisdom.

I do hope you feel much better soon and I have empathy for your situation.

What about the possibility of abdominal migraines and/or classic migraine?

Some people have migraines with no headache. And, since it's happened so frequently maybe there is a hormonal component (which is also common with migraine). Just something to think about.

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I don't vomit but when I was researching my nausea I learned about abdominal migrianes and cvs (cyclical vomiting syndrome). It does sound alot like your episodes but you would have to do some research.

One of the websites is www.cvsaonline.com

If you do a search you might also find something on this topic.

Good luck in your search


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Dayna -

I looked up some info on CVS and it sounds alot like what i've been going through. Thanks so much for mentioning it. I'll see what my doc has to say about it in the am!

AprilMarie -

Out of the times i've been sick two of the three times I had just eaten beef in a soup or stew. So maybe I have some strange mew allergy to beef. I'm going to avoid most meats for awhile, that's for sure.


The last time I went to see the GI doc he told me that he thought I was having "atypical migraines" and that you didn't have to get a headache to get this. At that time I really thought that I had a stomach flu several times so I didn't emphasize the ER visits. I was more concerned about the nausea/diarrhea I was having (and still am having) when I leave my house to do anything.

Thanks everyone for your input. It's strange isn't it, how your symptoms can change all of the sudden....

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With Abdominal Migraines, from what I've read on them anyway was that about 62% have abdominal pain with their vomiting or just before it starts. Some have typical migraines along with it but alot do not experience headaches with it. I haven't read that diarrhea has accompanied it though but everyone is different. The vomiting is not usually the typical vomiting episode. It can be quite violent and can continue for days unless treated from what I've read.

My oldest suffers horrible nausea bouts that cause her to get quite ill and she gets sick with hers as well. She has a history of migraines but no experience with stomach pain. Hers can last for days on end but taking Midodrine does help it most days but sometimes not even that will make it go away and she just has to take antinausea medication and ride it out until it settles back down.

Check out this site for info....I'm not saying that's what you have but it may lead you in a direction.

You can have the stomach problems with dysautonomia alone as well as many people seem to have on here. Like our daughter...she has the major stomach problems with hers but the other daughter does not. weird how that works.

Good luck and feel better soon.


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