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Neuro apptmt tomorrow


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Hi guys,

I go see my Neuro tomorrow for a follow up. I am just wondering if there are any other meds I could take with Florinef to get my bp to go up? The Florinef has helped somewhat but my bp hasn't really gone up at all. It's still 90/60. After I stand for a lil while my legs feel soo heavy and I get this odd lightheaded feeling. I hope I find something more to help me.

Anyhow, any suggestions are appreciated, like always <_< !


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Well I'd leave it to your doctor to provide suggestions on what is right for you.

I take Florinef, too, and I find it effective with atenolol (beta blocker).

Lexapro has also been shown effective in OI patients. Yes, it's an anti-depressant, but my neurologist was very excited about it when I saw him last week. I may try it soon and see how it goes for me. He told me it has a low risk of side effects.

Just a thought... but talk to your doctor! <_<

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