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Weird Headache


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Hi all,

Lately i have been experiencing this weird headache, not a normal migraine or headache for me. It's like the pressure in the head is getting worse, no matter what i do. Also i am more dizzy and whatnot. I lay down tons, no energy, sleeping a lot, and of course not eating too much.

It feels like i am in an ocean, and the back of head was hit by a board.

anyone experience these?

susie :)

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I get headaches alot FROM laying down. Do you notice whether or not it gets better if you have fluids?? Hope you feel better.


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I have been drinking more water and gatorade lately but i am not sure about these darn pressure headaches, i haven't experienced this much pain in a LONG time, its just as if there is so much pressure it is insane.

Here's some things that have happened recently, i have goats which three are rejects oh i mean bottle babies. My dad does the 5:30 AM feeding, and i do the noon, 5:30 PM and midnight ones as it really simple. Go out and say there names and they all come running, rather cute but it will be annoying after the bottles are finished in 8 weeks, since well when the door opens they come running out. Anywho, i have had this annoying headache but i went out anyways forgot the cell and i ended up laying down in the pile of hay bales for a good half hour to an hour, with my head about ready to explode and no one was home, then it happened again at midnight but again no cell (i keep forgetting that little thing). This time i got the courage to try to walk sat down about every 5 feet or so, finally got to the feedbox where low and behold the pig cane (we used it to show but looks like a human cane). Well i use that to get my butt in the house and my mom is wondering why i was taking so long...hmm. but anyways these headaches knock my socks off so to speak.

i know am instructed to take the cell phone, but at least the dog is out there and well is somewhat helpful. hehe :)


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New headache sxs warrant a doctor visit- sorry! Can't play around with these things- I had a TIA as a result of a doctor not taking a migraine seriously enough. Headache tx is a nonnegotiable area in my book- good luck!


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