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How long does it take for Florinef to get out of your system?


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I stopped Florinef because each day my headaches were getting worse. Eventually leading to one of my worst migraines and it's still present but to a smaller degree.

I weaned off Flornief like my doc said 3days .5. Could Florinef have done some type of damage to my system that I still have the killer headache?

When I called my doc of Friday she told me to take 800mg on advil, 100mg of tramadol, and 50 mg of vistril. Every 4 hours. Well I did everything except only 50 mg of tramadol (100 would make me fall. So that was all the help she gave me.

Maybe I have brain damage........j/k

I went 3months without migraines I hope there not moving in again


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