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Hi, I am just curious if anyone here takes Meclizine to help with the dizziness due to POTS/low BP..?? I have a balance prob...docs thought it was my ear at first but my otoneurologist doesn't seem to think so, so he wrote a note to my neuro. I see my neuro on the 22nd of Feb. Anyone else have a really hard time balancing/standing up? Thanks in advance for any answers! :)


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I haven't tried meclizine for pots related dizziness but have taken it for motion sickness on a plane. Each time I take it I fall to sleep within minutes -- it really makes me drowsy. :)

I hope you find something that helps,

Take care,


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the dr recently told me to take it while i had a hdeadcold which really made my dizziness terrible. I got relif right away but i'm not sure it helps that much with everyday dizzy and balance. It's a mption sickness med like dramimine. it doesn't make me sleepy. I'v always had to take dramamine for trips, it did help break up congestion in head.

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Hi Jacquie,

I had the same situation as you -- they thought I had a balance disorder on top of my POTS, but the dizziness turned out to be POTS. Before we figured that out, I went to vestibular rehab for 3 months. Even though I didn't have an inner ear disorder, the rehab really helped me -- they gave me exercises to practice at home and I did them twice a day. At first they made me more dizzy and naseous, but then they totally helped and I can walk much better now. I never tried any meds because my doc said they would make me drowsy.


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