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Vanderbilt update

Mrs. Glass

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Well I know they are at least looking at my file at Vanderbilt. I got an email from Bonnie yesterday asking me about some of the meds that I was on. Yeah, things are looking up.

My Neurologist's office finally made copies of my records, and if they accept me on medical records, they will accept me on his. There was things in there that he did not tell me at all. Some a little bit scary. But I will fax them to Bonnie today.

Wish me luck. I know that Vanderbilt is my best chance of finding out exactly what is wrong with me right now. Plus I will not have to worry about another doctor bill that my husband will have to work more hours to pay.

I know that there is no miracle pill out there. But I want someone who knows what they are doing to tell me exactly what is wrong with me, and what my life is going to be like. I dont like surprises. Hopefully there will be meds that will at least help me some. Im not holding my breath though.

Vanessa :D

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Hi Vanessa,

I'm glad things are starting to look up for you. Goodluck! :D

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vanessa I am so glad that things are finally moving for you with vandy!! I hope that things move wuickly for you.. and that you get some answers about things.. and find amed that might help you..


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