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Sleep Problems


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Do any of you have problems sleeping. I am always tired, but have problems falling asleep. Once I fall asleep I wake up so many times I can not count. I was lying in bed for the last 2 hours tonight and can't fall asleep, so I thought I would get online and drop a note and ask if anyone else has this problem. I am not sure if its a POTS thing, or it it somthing else. I even too my sleep med like 2 1/2 hours ago it doesn't seem to work anymore.

I am going to the doctor at 1:00 pm today. So I am going to as if there is anything I can go. I thought I would just drop a line.

Hope you are are sleep well! :ph34r:


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Hi Amy,

I do have sleeping problems, but it depends what types. Some days I can't sleep at all during the day or night, and other times I can barely stay awake. I had problems over sleeping before I was diagnosed with POTS, but I wonder if I had POTS then too. Hopefully by the time you get this you are asleep!


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I don't know if it's a POTS thing or not, though I suspect that any disease process that affects the autonomic nervous system can cause problems.

I have insomnia. I've had if for years probably one of my first noticeable symptoms.

I've consulted a sleep specialist about it and had a sleep study done.

I'm not currently on meds, though at my next visit I might need to to be prescribed them.

In the past, I've tried Ambien (quit working after a month) and two different benzodiazepines (tranquilizers) Klonopin .5 mg and Restoril 15Mg then 30 MG. They quit working after awhile. I've also been on Remeron (an antidepressant) that I think brought on my POTS and also made me fatter.

So, I'm on nothing right now, but I probably still need something.

I hope you find the right thing to do soon. I know it can be miseracble when you can't sleep and it defnintely can make symptoms worse.

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Wow, I had the same problem the other night. I tried my sleep meds and it didnt work either. There are very few nights that I get a decent nights sleep. I either can not fall asleep, or like you I wake up all times during the night. I have tried many many things and so far nothing works. I have suffered with insomnia most of my life, but never anything like this. I have even tried watching a boring movie, no good it didnt work. If you figure out something that works please let me know. Vanessa

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You are definitely not alone. I have had trouble sleeping for a couple of years now....it is so frustrating when you know you need lots of sleep to function and can't sleep. I am on Lunesta right now for insomnia but still have trouble getting to sleep. I often take benadryll along side of it to get to sleep.

I'm not sure if it's a POTS thing or not. Both of my brothers and my father experience insomnia.

I know this is so frustrating. I hope you can find something that helps,


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I have been having the same problems for the past few months. I literally lie down extra early just so I can try and get a decent nights rest. Once I get to sleep, the littlest things will wake me up, and I begin the process of trying to fall asleep again. I also experience very vivid dreaming?!? Don't know if anyone else gets this, but it gets to the point where I will wake up in a cold sweat. I did some research about my sleeping patterns and found that POTS will cause restless sleeping because you create so much extra adrenaline during the day from the racing of your heart, that it can keep you awake at night. Hope you get some good rest soon! I know i need it :blink:

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