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Today was the worst symptom day I've ever had. I woke up this am feeling kinda so-so, not really bad, but not good either. Drove my son to school and on the way back home felt light headed and really wiped out. About an hour after getting home I got a phone call from one of my son and daughters friends. He was feeling real sick and wanted to know if I'd take him to a med center. About this time I thought this is going to be a bad day. What could I say, NO. I told my daughter to tell him sure, and I'd pick him up on my way to take my daughter to work and drop him off at the med center and to call me when he was done. (His mom wouldn't take him, long story) Then I had to take mother in law to dr. While in route daughter's friend calls, and says they want him to go to emergency room! I had to drop off mother in law, pick up really sick kid, take him to emergency room, (His mother still is a no show!) I can't sign anything he's only 17, finally they call his mom, I hate to leave him there alone, but gotta run back and pick mother in law up and take her home. By this time It hits me, I feel like I am gonna crash (physicaly) I can barely make it home. I lay down for a half hour to rest. I gotta pick my son up from school and I can barely get my shoes on. I feel like the very essence of what makes me tick has broken. I felt so drained it was scarry, like I might just melt. I waited a little bit then got into the van and drove slowly to the school. I had never felt this bad before. My son drove the rest of the way to pick up my daughter from work and then we came home. I could hardly get out of the van and walk into the house. My husband said maybe it was all the stress of what happened today, I really hadn't done real physical work, just alot of driving. It was just such a massive feeling I can hardly explain it. I just want to wake up from this bad dream but it's real and it's not going away. Wish sometimes you all lived just around the corner.

Just whinning :(


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I hope you start feeling better. Sound like it was a bad day! IF thing don't get better I would call the doctor and see of there is anything they can do. Hope you have a better night! :(

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Hi Kim,

I can relate to what you have said. Today wasn't an emotionally stressful day for me. I got up at 6 then went back to bed until 10am...Woke up couldn't see too much and the sun/brightness just hurts my eyes. Then I went to Brockton because my mother had a neurologist apptmt (for seizures) I came back home and that was it for me. I passed out for hours, because I was soo tired. Woke up and my heart was racing and I just felt out of it.

I think that you were just having one of those off days that are very common with POTS. I see my PCP tomorrow for a sinus infection (have to switch meds), and I am going to talk with him a little about all these other symptoms (nausea, fatigue) and see what he can do, if anything for me. I feel bad because they are squeezing me in, but other than that I am never able to see him, because there is such a long wait....he is one of the best doctors around here.

Anyhow, I would def. call your doc and see what they can do for you...I hope you are feeling better by the time you get this. Take care.


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Guest Belinda

HI Kim..Hope you start to feeel a bit better..I know the feeeling of feeling like your sinking and just don't have an energy cells left in the body!

Take it easy. maybe you need some extra rest!


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