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Hi, I was looking into taking some classes, or atleast trying to take some classes. How do you guys that are in college afford to pay for it? I am still waiting for a decision from SSI/SSDI. I know I won't be able to pay for much with that since I have a car payment, etc. My mom has been on disability most her life, so I can't borrow any money. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks


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Hi Jacquie - You can apply for a Pell Grant which is a Govt Loan you do not have to pay back if your financial circumstances make you qualify.

There are also student loans and and other types of grants and scholarships that you may qualify for as well.

Any college that you are interested in attending would be able to help you sort out which type of finacial help might be best for you.... Just go to or call their financial aid dept......

I hope that you get some answers and are able to go to school... Good Luck to you :(

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for undergrads in the uk, its a strange system- you take out loans from the student loan company, but they only lend you ?4 k a year- not really enough to live on. Then you pay it back once you start earning about ?15k a year. If you don't earn above that, you don't pay it back . It's the cheapest money you'll ever borrow because the interest is baseline or whatever it's called, where it's just in line with inflation and no more(allegedly).

I don't know how it works in the states- but I suppose technically the UK system would allow someone who's permanently disabled to go to university for free!

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