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Dizzy After A Long Day?


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Hi Guys!

I am wondering if anyone ever feels dizzy after having a day of not napping much. I went to the store today and cleaned my car (most I have done in one day in a loonnnngg time) and I sat down to watch a movie, and all of sudden I felt like I was going to pass out, so I layed down. Once I layed down I got really really dizzy. This actually happens quite often: The laying down then feeling dizzy. I know when you feel dizzy or faint the docs tell you to lay down, but in this case it actually makes it worse or brings on the symptoms.....Anyone got any advice or know what causes this? Thanks.


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Even when I am virtually symptom free, I still get dizzy when I lay down. Every time! But it passes after a few minutes and is definitely more pronounced when I've been up and about a lot and then just suddenly sit or lay down quickly.

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Today I am ready to DROP! I had a tutorial at 5 again, my worst time of day and I felt so TIRED during it- even my tutor noticed me starting to put my feet up because I could feel the blood pooling :)

I went to afriend's house for dinner after and obviously had some postprandial hypotension as I got so weak and dizzy on the way home it was terrible!

I hope I don't pay too dearly tomorrow....

but yeah, I think the dizziness after long days is definitely something that is part (the bane of?) my existence!

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