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arms and hands asleep overnight


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Hi everyone,

Just got a new symptom this week and was curious if anyone else experienced this. All this week I keep waking up overnight multiple times because my hands and lower arms are asleep. At first I thought I might have slept on them or something, but the past nights I have been careful to lay them flat at my sides and it is still happening. ANY responses helpful. Thanks,


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Yep and yep. I will wake up with seemingly half my body asleep sometimes. Usually all on one side, from the ear and that side of my face...down thru the shoulder and arm and hand and side... very weird. I too thought maybe I had just managed to pinch something off but no changes in sleeping position help it. It does not happen all the time but it does seem to come in bursts...It will happen every night for a few nights and then go away for a while. I don't like it either.

I swear I could have a stroke and never even know it. lol

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Hi, I wake up in the night sometimes and my whole right arm is numb. It feels like there have been hundreds of novacaine (sp?) shots in it. NOT FUN!

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Very Common with me.

Sometimes it is because i sleep on it, but other times its not. I think its the way your arm may be positioned, Low BP can stop the blood getting through.

If i lye flat and my arm is at a slight downward or upward angle the blood wont ge to the end/s of my arms, causing it to go numb.

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It was more common for me earlier on. My doctor even had me putting my hand in a splint at night.

I use to experience in my feet all of the time, sleeping or not.

I don't know what the answer was and not sure what cured it. But think it's a combination of my current treatments. I had low blood volume and anemia that has been since corrected. I haven't experienced the night time symptoms for quite sometime now.

good luck


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Guest Belinda

I have this symptom too, sometimes it is numbness and tingling other times it is just numb like this morning I feel it in both arms like they are spaghetti, I notice that my veins are completely vanished when I have this symptom, not enough blood flow I am assuming.

My hematologist is looking for a hospital to blood volume test on me they are rare around here.

Glad tos ee this is part of Pots and not something more serious hopefully!


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