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Found a doctor closer/ Visit with Therapist

Mrs. Glass

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All of the times that I have searched the internet I never came across the Mayo clinic. But yesterday I was looking under the illness and not the symptoms and bam there it was. So today I will be calling them to get an appointment. So wish me luck. The only thing is my insurance does not cover the Mayo. Go figure! But I have got to do something. I reaaallly dont want to go to Dallas if at all possible. My Mom was killed there and I havent been back there since 1993 and I have a horrible fear of that place now.

I saw my Therapist yesterday and we had a good session. She told me that the outbursts of anger were aimed at the little things because I could not do anything about the big things, and that actually that it was a good sign. She has really been concerned about me being so depressed, but she said that a person that is severly depressed will not usually have uncontrolled outbursts because they just dont have the strength. So at least my depression is a little better.

I want to thank everyone for all of your support and information. I dont think that I could live without it right now. Wish me luck on my quest for a good doctor. Thanks Vanessa :blink:

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Hi Vanessa,

I hope you get into the Mayo Clinic asap. There must be something they can do to help you feel better. Good Luck!

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