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Hi guys, once again I am sick. I was sick for a little over 2 weeks and now I am sick again. I have the same symptoms as before:

Sore throat

Ear Ache




I am a little mad because first I got sick, then my mother, and then my sister (she doesn't live with my mom and I). I am my sister's ride to work since she doesn't have a car. I don't mind driving her to work, but when she has to go in at 530am it's really hard for me since my symptoms are really bad then. Anyhow, the other day when she said she didn't feel good I told her that I couldn't be around her, because 1. I just got over being sick and it takes me alot longer to get feeling better. 2. I just started Florinef and I don't want to be around sick people, because it is harder to fight off infection.

So she goes on to tell me that she feels better, and poof I am around her for a few hours and the next day I am sick. I'm a little peeved at her since I flat out told her I can't be near her when she is sick. It's almost like she doesn't care that I can't get sick and now that I am sick she doesn't care. Just cares that I am driving her to and from work. Don't get me wrong I don't mean to sound selfish, it is just aggravating....I can't say too much because she has lent me some money for bills, but I am paying her back and I feel like she just rubs that in my face on the days I don't feel too good to drive her. So even when I feel sick I still drive her. So now I am laying down feeling horrible and I have to pick her up from work soon.

Sorry to complain, it's just hard for me when no one cares about how I am feeling, etc. I feel bad that she can't find many rides to work (unless she doesn't try too much) but I am always the one who ends up driving her. I feel soo horrible, worse than the past few months and just driving alone makes me soo fatigued. I guess I am just wishing someone could help me out. It reallly is bad when I was at the hospital one night the next morning I had to drive her to work, because no one else wanted too. I feel bad making her feel like a pain (I try not to), but some days I am just not up to doing anything, esp. driving around. In my whole family there's prob 2 or 3 people who MAYBE know how bad I am. Alot of the time it is just ignored...how easy, huh?! Wish I could just ignore how I am feeling. Thanks for reading this, I know it's pretty lengthy. I am just fed up right now.


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Hi K,

When I am really bad off I won't drive, so who knows for how much longer I am going to be driving. Right when I get up in the am I drink alot of water and sometimes it helps other times (like lately) doesn't seem to do much. B)

As for giving familly info about my illness....didn't work the least. I actually thought maybe they would be interested in reading it, boy was I wrong. I got the brochures from this website and gave them out and when everyone left my mom's house they all sat on the table not even opened. Glad everyone is here.


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Yes, I have that experience too. The people I need most to understand dont. LIke todays 'drinking all that water and gateraid isnt helping you, you still pee too much" comment amoung others...even after directing them to this site and leaving books around and talking about it....

Then there is another who wont leave the subject alone. I seriously think I can not have a single conversation with out her suggesting something to me or asking me about the details of something I have tried, unsuccesfully, to explain a thousand times.

I want a happy medium between being seen as lazy and slack and that of being someones lab rat. It is hard I know.... and I have no solution. Perhaps we should all wear casts?? Maybe then they would get it????

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Hi Jacquie,

Can she take a bus on days when you don't feel well.? What about a carpool with other co-workers. A cheap little car? I know you would not want to approach her with this and sound ungratefull because she has helped you financially, but your health is at stake here.

5:30 is pretty early for one to get up if you don't have too, and to have to take someone else where they need to go.

Somehow she has to get a backup to relieve you. I hope something works out for you soon.

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