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Xanax, Klonopin and other Benzodiazepines


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Personally, I'm still trying to figure out if I have a problem with adrenaline rushes. I think I do but it's something I am going to talk to my doc about on the 31st.

I take Klonopin prescribed from my cardiologist because he says it depresses the nervous system and can help lower my heart rate. I'm allergic to beta blockers and I could never tolerate meds such as florinef, clonidine, etc. to help with my POTS.

I know there has been a lot going around about Klonopin and addiction on this board. First off, that is the least of my worries if it is going to make me feel better. As far as it becoming an addiction goes, yes, you will notice if you forget to take it. Unlike other addictions it doesn't make you crave more and act out on it. I've gone off of it once for awhile. You simply lower your dose and ween yourself off. It wasn't a problem at all for me.

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I was prescribed to take xanax .25 up to 3x a day. Because of the warnings and stuff I just take it as needed. It sometimes helps with my nausea and it does make me more functionable which decreases the depression and lets me better care for my kids.

As far as addicitions I haven't felt the "NEED" to have it maybe it's because of the small dose I'm on.

I'll go months without it than have a really bad streek and take it before getting out of bed every morning for up to two weeks. I only have taken it in the morning since that's my worse time.

It's worth a try. I'm for anything that will make your quality of life better as long as your cautious with it.


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