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Anyone Meditate?


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Greetings friends!

I had a question that I know only my POTS family would be able to answer ... so here's hoping someone else out there has experienced this ....

I have been doing Zen sitting meditation for about a year and a half -- 1 to 3 times a day for up to 25 minutes at a sit. Lately I've noticed that sometimes I get these really big surges maybe 15 or 20 minutes into the session. I can feel my heart racing (I'd have to guess 120-130) and then I can feel the sweat start to drip as my body gets really hot.

At first I thought hot flash ... but it doesn't seem to fit. I stay in my meditation for the duration of the session, but my heart rate never does slow down until I finally stop and go lie down. I typcially feel like awful for about an hour afterwards when this happens.

I can't say I notice any patterns (triggers) though maybe it happens more if I do this after eating (post-pranial tachy I suppose).

I put on my BP cuff the other day and decided just to take it "normally" every 5 minutes or so throughout one session to see what my body was doing ... but ofcourse it never DID go into that tachy surge when I was watching it :-) Though I was surprised that even during a very calm, mentally serene meditation, my pulse could be 107 while I am sitting up in the lotus position.

I think next time I am going to try STOPPING my sit and just recline until my POTS settles down. Sometimes I just don't know when to keep plodding away and when I should take a break and stop.

Thanks for thinking about this with me.

It's always so good to be with other POTS people.


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Is it just from being sitting in such a still position possibly???

I don't have enough upright time to do much of anything...so I HAVE to recline or lie down to meditate.

I have been working so hard to meditate more lately, but my system is so wired, I can't get quiet. It is frustrating.

I would think just being in the sitting position and keeping so still, with no fidgeting to help vasoconstriction could cause these 'spells'...but that's just a guess!

I am impressed at your persistance with your meditation practice!


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I meditate pretty much everyday, and have done since I was about 16 yo (12 years now). When I started to get my POTsy symptoms a few years ago, I moved the cushion that I normally sit on against a wall, so, I have the support on my back, and don't have to support my back as much during the 30-40 minutes that I meditate.

I know that getting through the pain of being in the same position is part of meditation, but I believe there are limits - and I adjusted my meditation area to accommodate my POTS as well!

Once I am into my meditation, I don't get too many symptoms, but I have had many occasions where I haven't been able to meditate as I am too symptomatic, or simply can't relax enough to focus my mind - it just jumps from thought to thought. You would think after 12 years of meditation I should have far better disipline and control over my thoughts.

Anyway, I hope the meditation helps you. It has worked wonders for me, not just for POTS, but for all other areas of my life.


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If it's any help, I use a Chinese based vocal chant to help me meditate.

| Chiao | Cheng | Kung | Shang | Yu |

| Wood | Fire | Earth | Metal | Water |

In Japanese of course | Moko | Ka | Do | Kin | Sui | In Japanese there are other pronunciations, but I use these for meditation (as they correspond to the days of the week {Getsu, Ka, Sui, Moko, Kin, Do, Nichi - Youbi})

The rythemnic work helps to calm the mind, and aid in focusing the mind.

Well, in my case anyway (most of the time).

Lately, I have incorporated "Om Mani Padmi Hung', a Tibetan chant for Compassion. (In Buddhist belief, if you have a mouth, you must recite it. (Ref: Lama Zopa Rinpoche).

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I have used meditation off and on over the years--past decade in particular. I would guess your position could be playing a role. I also do yoga and I know there are certain poses that can really set off symptoms for me. I avoid those since they don't seem very beneficial.

Take care--and good to see you on the board again.


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I have never tried any type of meditation. I don't know how I would do now since it takes up sooo much energy and effort to just sit or stand for any length of time. I agree with what someof the others said, maybe just sitting still in the same pose for an amt of time sets off the symptoms, I know when I sit/stand I always fidget around.


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Many thanks for all of your input. I tend to agree that it seems possible the prolonged stillness could be bringing on a POTS episode. Strange how it doesn't happen all the time. Nonetheless, I am going to take Daniel's advice and alter my practice to accomodate my POTS when necessary. Perhaps I'll try lying down if I start getting tachy.

The thing about Zen that I've noticed over the last year or so is that it isn't about peace and calm (though those are great when you get 'em) ... for me it's about accepting whatever sensation is present in the now which is sometimes pains in your legs, thoughts running wild and yes those JOLTS that go through you light a lightening bolt (I get them too michiganjan) No matter what it is, I try to just notice it and gently bring my attentin back to my breath.

However, I think a minute or two of "noticing" my racing heart is enough -- I imagine even the Buddha would have said it was OK for my to lie down and finish my meditation flat on the floor! :)

Good thoughts to everyone on their own healing adventures.


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Sorry, I cant sit long enough to do meditation. My doctors have suggested it to help with my anxiety and panic attacks, but I could not concentrate long enough, and I cant sit long enough either. Vanessa

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