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hi guys.. wanted to tel you real quick..i feel that my app. w/ dr.g was very helpful.. he answered alot of my q's.. and gave some helpful advice.. he gave me a script for a new med called LYRICA.. he said that it is being used to treat patients with deep bone pain.. and is hoping that it will help me.. that it is a new drug.. and he hastnr eally prescibed it to patients b/c he hasnt had the need too...but that they side effect are supose to be low.. we donot know what is casuing such wicked bone pain.. but are hoping that this new durg will work.

he also upped my clonidine at bedtime.. to help with those darn surges! as it does help ( as long as i dont have streph throat!!)

lets see.. oh he also wrote me a thing out so that PT can come to my home.. as I cant handle leaving the house much these days..he is also running labs to check my noreephrine. ephenephrine, dopamine. and cortisol levels.. Not to sure why.. mentioned something about a test taht is done at vanderbilt.. but in order to ahve this test done at vandy.. ( I do not know what the test is..) that my above levels need to meet the requirements... I think that he ma have also ordered them b/c of the electrical feling that I get running thru me...

alot was discussed....it over all was a good app. and I feel that I got some q's answered or are atleast trying to get some things answered...


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Sorry I didn't get a note in while you were in the hospital. I am on steroids and they make me feel so weird. I am glad you are home and so sorry for the crummy treatment! Been there done that waaaay to many times. Glad you can eat and drink and 10 1/2 bags is a pretty fair amount of fluids. Take it easy and don't take the bus! morgan

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