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Recurrent infection setting off symptoms

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Hi all,

most of you know I had a partial lung collapse in mid-December (atelectasis), along with pneumonia, pleurisy, sinus infection, and bronchitis. My body is pretty worn down now, and my POTS/NCS symptoms are poorly controlled, making work very difficult and making me feel even sicker. It's a bit of a vicious cycle, but I need to work to keep my health insurance. If I can't recover while trying to keep a lighter work schedule, then I may have to ask my doctor to put me on short term disability so I can rest my body.

Here's what I think is going on: I'm pretty sure I have a fungal infection in my sinuses and chest after not responding to multiple rounds of antibiotics, and lasting longer than the average viral infection. I went to a few reputable websites to look up symptoms and diagnostic info (Mayo, NIH, Merck). I'm not planning on self diagnosing--I'm awaiting an ENT appointment at the request of my GP. Other than this new doc's opinion based on my symtoms, the only thing left would be a scope to lavage my lungs to check for fungus or other infectious agent. You all know the drill: it's a waiting game in the mean time. My doctor has offered me an extended round of steroids, however, I'd like to hold off on that until a life or death situation--I already have osteoporosis and multiple antibiotic allergies, so steroids are my lifeline in an emergency and I don't want to over use that option...

I have previously been on nystatin for a long course several years ago, followed by difulcan for several months. I'd like to try herbs first if there is good evidence to do so. So, here's the question: have any of you used herbs that seem to be associated with treating fungal infections?

I did a cursory search on the topic, and the most info I could find was on oregano oil, fennel, and black walnut as all having some antifungal and antibiotic properties...along with garlic. I also already have co-Q 10 as per my doc.

Thoughts? Experiences? Suggestions? Thanks for whatever you've got to say...Nina

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Hi Nina, I personally have never used herbs,etc. for treatments. So, I am sorry I can't help you there. I just wanted to say that I hope you feel better and that I agree that you should take some time off from work. You don't want to wear your self down anymore than you already are. I hope you feel better real soon. Take care and get some rest! :)


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Oh, Nina, I wish I had the knowledge you need. I hope the ENT can give you a definitive diagnosis. Having to live life with so many different things wrong makes for a contant juggling act. Then, when one thing gets out of sync, it sets off a chain reaction and it is often a long and difficult journey to get back in balance again.

One thing I do know is that rest is restorative.

For me, whenever I get too out of balance, I hibernate. I realize that is very difficult for you to do with a job and all that you do. I hope you can take the time off work give your body the rest it needs.

I am thinking of you and I just realized I am not all prayed out because I just said one for you. You go through so much. It is just like Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, "It's always something!"

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I have been on nystatin now for about 18 mo. I can tell after a cold or feeling out of sorts that I need to up the nystatin. My cardi wanted me to discontinue the nystatin for awhile because it can lower blood pressure. I have reluctantly.I have been using cinnamon in capsule form and finding that it is doing a pretty good job. It is also supposed to help with arthritis, but that is not my area. I get it at natural food store, dont' buy the cheap stuff. I would also ask while you are there for them to look up in their herb pdr what might help. Dr. Weil has a web site with a library of past questions you could also try.

I used to take garlic and gingko until one day it dawned on me they were blood thinners. the opposite of what I needed even though they are both recommended often for fatigue, and over all well being. You might want to check on that. I love garlic and could eat it everyday, but I given up the capsules for now. hope this helps!:-)

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There are lots of good natural antifungals put there. Have you thought about consulting with a holistic nutritionist/practioner? They could help you oversee and give you the right dises of whatever antifungal you choose... Grape fruit extract oil of oregano, and caprylic acid are among some of the best.

Then there is Diflucan, Sporonax, if you want to take medication.

I have had a chronic Sinus problem for a long time now and I have been on many courdes of abx as well as antifungals.....

I just got a new GP who has been helping me get my sinuses back in shape...

I looked into www.sinucare.com

They make specially componuded nasal sprays of abx and antifungals that go directly to where it needs to go. We are going to try this as well as I am on Nasonex a steriod nasal spray that they use for allergies although I am using it differently for sinus...

I lay on my stomache over the bed and raise my head....do 2 sprays in ech nastril, then I hang my head over the bed as if I am looking under the bed for something...stay this way for as long as possible. The reason being that the steriod then is able to get up into the frontal sinus cavity where infection usually tgets stuck....

So far I have seen a difference...

I'll let you know about the sinuspray as well when I get it.

And as I am sure you know check with your Dr if you are going to try any of my suggestions.

I hope you feel better soon... I know how aweful it can be.

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My husband had a fungal infection after his bout with Epstein Barr Virus and he was prescribed a liquid by our GP that he would swish around in his mouth like a mouthwash and then swallow. Sounds gross but he said it wasn't bad and it cleared things up. Unfortunately I can't recall the name of the swish but I remember it was inexpensive and he took it for over a month.

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