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Watery eyes


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Ahh the watery eyes.. I get that alot right before i passout.. or when I'm feeling syncopal.. really dont have any idea why.. but I do.. sorry that I cant be of more help.. just wanted you to know that your not alone...

Oh.. some of my watery eyes is from allergies.. but I use those allergy eye drops..(patanol) and they help w/ allergy related runny eyes... but there is potsy runny eyes tooo.. and that *****!


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Hi, I also get the watery eyes. I notice that I have them alot in the mornings and sometimes when I am driving :) .

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other than some seasonal allergy flare-ups, i generally have the opposite problem - that is my eyes tend to be too dry. i tend to be on the "slow" and/or "not enough" side of most things on the symptom spectrum though so this follows suit in that regard. the only thing that is ever "fast" and/or "too much" for me is my heart rate.

:) melissa

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