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Does anyone notice that when they get out of the shower their legs and feet have a maroonish color? What is that?

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Tan is something I will never be, LOL. I am stuck with the pale Irish skin.

But on a serious note, I only have the maroon discoloration, it even happens when I am sitting in the shower. I'm not sure what would cause your skin discoloration. Has it been there for a long time?

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yeah that sounds like blood pooling.. I get blood pooling in my arms and legs/feet.. mine turn dark purple.. and mollted red/purple looking (hands)

typically what is happening is like lets say you stand up.. automatically all the blood and fluid/plasma in your body falls to your feet so to speak.. and in people with pots (or some other circulation problems).. the blood doesnt pool correctly in your legs.. meaning that your veins may not contract and dilated correctly..

and heat from ashower will casue your blood vessles to dilate.. and not be able to push the blood back up tot he upper half of your body quickly or properly...

I know that I get pooling while I am sitting too.. and i also get pooling in my hands more so when it is cold..my hands dont get just alitle cold.. they like get to the point to where they hurt and burn from the cold.. even with heavy gloves on...

I have had pooling in legs especially since as far back as i can remeber.. I have these "dots" on my legs that seem to be a gentic things b/c my moms entire side of the family.. the women.. all have "dots" that turn purple.. can we say POTS!!

anways compression hose can help with blood pooling b/c they put pressure so to speak on the ankles and feet.. and force blood to flow up the legs to the brain...waist high ones are better then thigh high I think.. atleast personally for me they are....less fuss too..

Ok I am rambling a bit now... sorry!


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