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Hi, does anyone know of any exercises that could be done with out too much exertion?? Most of the time I am feeling dizzy and so forth but I keep putting on weight and want to at least be able to tone my muscles...To be honest ever since I had heart probs. I stopped working out and gained 20lbs. I'm not overweight 5'9" 140lbs but I would like to lose some weight.

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There are several choices--first, though, you need to make sure it's okay as per your regular doctor.

Some here swear by something called Yaz exercises:

here's a link


also, some like Pilates floor work. I'm one of them.

I also really like my recumbent bike. I sit close to the floor with this and am in a comfy seated position. This is my most consistent form of aerobics.

others like to swim. any of these might work for you as long as your doc clears you for such stuff.


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Hi.. I am starting aquatic therapy here in a few weeks... I've been told that it is easier on your body to "exercise" in the pool.. as your dont weighas much or something like that.. anyways it is also suppose to be good for you legs.. to strengthen the muscles and what not....aquatic therapy can be done through a hospital PT place or rehabilitation hospital.. just talk to your doc about it...

Insurance will typically pay for it.. I will be going 3x's a week.. for about 15-20 minutes at a time.. I'll be surprised if I can go that long to start with with....

and also am going to start PT for leg strengthening stuff.. hopefully they can teach me some floor stuff to do..

I hope that you can find some exercise that doesnt bother you to badly..

good luck!


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