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drug sensitivities


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I feel so discouraged because I am hyper sensitive to almost everything I am prescribed. I don't seem to be alone with this than why do the doctor make me feel like a nut case?

I do not read side effects before taking a medication because at first I thought maybe I was just freaking myself out about it. Well I'm not and believe me I want medication to give me some relief way more than the doctors do. I get so dicouraged when the side effects make the situation worse or make it intolerable.

There are certian meds that I take and have no troubles with and others that are just not possible to tolerate and because I can't tolerate them I'm viewed as the difficult patient.

Are doctors going to stop taking me seriously if the prescribe things and I don't continue with them? Example I'm trying to wean on topamax and I'm going to give it a chance for the side effects to go away but how long do you wait? Say it takes you 8 weeeks to wean on and side effects are unacceptable than you have to take another 8 weeks to wean off, that's 16 weeks of feeling like a zombie and drugged out.

Another example is mestinon. I have gotton to the doseage my doctor wanted and I personally have not had any negative side effects (except twitching) but I am sick as always so I haven't had any benefit either so why stay on it ? I know alot of people here saw it's benefits but it didn't help or hurt me.

I guess basically I'm rambling to ask if I'm not doing good on meds will the doctors stop taking me seriously in trying to come up with a treatment plan for me?

just a note, I just started trying different things a few months ago so in my defense there might be something that works wonders but we just haven't tried yet. Who knows.


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Hi Dayna, I am very med sensitive also. Some doctors will be complete jerks about it and others understand and will start you off very slowly on new meds. Hang in there. I have decided that if the side effect of the med has be feeling just as bad or worse than not having the med, then I won't take it. No reason to keep filling my body with all this stuff that doesn't help. I had to stop taking the Topamax, the side effects were too much for me. Mestinon I can tolerate just fine, but as you said, it doesn't really help (It did help with some of my stomach issues) I have also found that I am hypersensitive to certain types of meds, I have no trouble with antibiotics but SSRI's will land me in the hospital with major neuro issues. Hopefully you have a patient and understanding doctor, if not, I would start looking for one.

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Dear Dayna,

Patience is the watchword when it come to trying meds to help your dysautonomia. I am sensitive to meds like you are. I do not think there is any substitute for going through the lengthy trial and error process. I always try to stay on a drug long enough that I feel sure it is not helping before abandoning it. That way I do not have to revisit that med in the future.

Be sure and keep a med list. What you tried, dosage, and how long you took it. This list can be invaluable later on.

If you don't get help, just keep on trying. They are coming up with new ways to treat dysautonoima all the time.

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